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These Parents Have Lost 4 Babies Before, Now Their Premature Baby Girl Is Fighting To Survive

“In the last 11 years, I had 4 miscarriages. I lost them all before my second trimester. This time, when I crossed the mark my husband and I were filled with excitement and joy. Everything was looking good, from the scans, and I thought finally our wish was coming true. We prayed every day, that this time, nothing would go wrong. But,, God is testing us yet again. Our baby was born prematurely and right now, she is struggling to take her every breath.” 
- Deepthi, mother

Her condition has improved, but not enough to take her home

Deepthi’s baby was prematurely born at just 26 weeks, weighing barely 850 grams, and her lungs were extremely underdeveloped. As a result, the little girl struggled to breathe and was put on mechanical ventilation.

“Right after our baby was born, she was taken to the ICU. When we saw her for the first time, we were terrified to see how small and fragile she was. It’s been 20 days since then and there is a lot of improvement in her condition, but not enough that we can take her home. She is still fighting for her life and we are scared to even touch her.” - Koteswara, father

She needs prolonged NICU care to survive

Though these parents live just 3 kms away from the hospital, they get to see their baby only for a few minutes a day. In those few minutes, they feel sad, cursed, scared, helpless, and yet on the other hand, they feel hopeful and blessed.

This little girl needs prolonged NICU and supportive care for at least 4-6 weeks to recover. She needs to gain weight and needs treatment to fully develop her lungs, but the cost of the entire treatment is way beyond their means.

They need your help to save their newborn

Koteswara is the only earning member in the family. He works at a wholesale iron shop and earns INR 14,000 a month. His income was enough to support his family, but now, it is hardly enough to bear even a single day’s hospital expenses. His baby's treatment will cost him more than 10 lakh rupees, an amount this poor man can never afford.

“Whatever we had of value, we have used it all up to keep our daughter alive. Now, we are left with nothing to continue. Our elder daughter can't wait to meet her little sister. We told her that she needs to be in the hospital for some time, but she doesn't know how critical she is. If anything happens to her, our entire family will be broken and I can't let that happen. You are my only hope, please help me save my child." - Koteswara

Without continued NICU care, she won’t be able to make it. Help these parents save their newborn baby. Click here to donate.
Patient Baby of Deepthi Kumari is 14 days old, living in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Blossoms Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving NICU Care treatment for respiratory distress

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