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He Bravely Made Through An 11 Hour Long Surgery, Now He Needs ICU Care To Survive

“My baby was just 2 weeks old when the doctors told us about his heart disease. They said he would need multiple surgeries to survive. My child’s life was in danger even before he could fully open his eyes to see us. What harm did we do to anyone to deserve this? And now despite the surgery we might lose him if we can't afford his hospital stay...,"- Harisha, mother.

I would have taken the chance even if it was 1% to save my child

Harisha’s baby was diagnosed with 3 holes in his heart. He needed immediate surgery along with an aortic arch repair to survive his serious condition. The doctors warned and informed the parents about the risk and cost of the surgery. They also said that there was no guarantee of success. The parents were thus left to decide if they wanted to go ahead with the surgery.

“How could we not take the chance? I would have taken the chance even if it was 1%. I gathered all the money I had and borrowed all I could to afford the surgery but now, even though his surgery is successful he is struggling to survive in the ICU due to his low weight and his lung infection,” - Bhaskar, father.

Bhaskar and Harisha in happier times

He underwent a major surgery that lasted for 11 hours

They took the baby to the operation theatre in the morning and it lasted for 11 long hours as he needed multiple surgeries back to back. All this while these parents desperately waited outside in the corridor hoping everything was fine with their child.

“When the operation was over, the doctor called us to the ICU and that’s when I saw him - attached to all these machines, battling for his life. Tears rolled down my eyes when I imagined the pain my baby boy must be in. I couldn't even hold him in my arms to comfort him. And now, even though he made through surgery,  he needs the ICU to recover and come out of danger. But we are unable to afford the treatment any further, we are unable to save him.” - Harisha

They can lose their newborn without your help

Bhaskar and Harisha live in a small village in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. Bhaskar is a small farmer who earns enough to live comfortably in the village itself. This is their first baby and to save their only child. They've done everything in their power till now to continue their baby's treatment but now they're left with nothing. 

“We didn’t even get the time to name him and we are afraid that we might lose him before we could. If something happens to him I would never be able to forgive myself. You are my only hope, please save my child.” - Harisha

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Patient Baby of Harisha Devi is 1 month old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Star Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Aortic Arch Repair and VSD Surgival closure

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