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3-Year-Old’s Stomach Is Swollen Like A Football, She Needs Urgent Liver Transplant

Athvika is over 3 years old now. She must have been in L.K.G, throwing tantrums demanding toys and chocolates. She must have been playing with her friends, refusing to come back home. But weighing only 8 Kgs, she’s just begun crawling. She has to be fed every one hour; else she suffers from seizures that leave her all beaten up! She vomits lumps of blood, and screams in pain, clutching her bloated stomach. Fate has it that she struggle every minute of her life. Without a liver transplant, she won’t survive. 

Little Athvika’s struggles began from very early in life. She was just a day old when she was diagnosed with jaundice. After 11 long days in the ICU, she recovered and came back home. But that wasn’t the end of her suffering.

When she was 5 months old, a lump grew on her cheek, and one on her stomach. We did not understand what was happening. At the same time, she began having frequent loose motions, and passed urine once in every hour. She would have sudden seizures and scream and cry. After multiple tests and biopsies, she was diagnosed with the deficiency of a lot of important hormones. Her gums bled, and her teeth got shaky. No medication seemed to help her, and we were very scared! She was in so much pain. It hurt to see her like that.” – Edison, father.

When she was 2, the doctors said she had only half an hour to live

The first time she vomited blood, I still remember. I knew she was going to throw up, and held my hands in front of her. But what came out was blood, lumps of what looked like flesh. My head spun so fast, I thought I was going to crash. Her stomach began swelling, and the motion she passed was black in colour. Doctors said her liver had shrunk, and her spleen severely infected. Her jaundice hadn't yet left her. I was given half an hour to bid goodbye to my only child! Words can’t describe what we went through. We took her from one hospital to the other, till they told us she could be saved. She fought through and came back to us, but her sickness wasn't fully cured,” – Velankani.

Athvika is fighting end-stage liver disease, only a transplant can save her

Until now, Athvika has been admitted in hospitals 40 times, for various treatments. Nothing has helped her, and now her liver is failing her. Without a liver transplant, this child can never go back to a normal life, nor survive for long. Her mother is all set to be the donor, but they can’t afford it.

“We’ve sold all we have, including my wife’s Mangal Sutra…there’s nothing left”

Edison used to work as a graphic designer till Athvika turned became critical. He’s been freelancing ever since, and the job fetches him no more than Rs 10,000 a month. Now with the pandemic in the picture, he has not had projects in months, and thus, not a rupee left. The couple has spent over 15 lakhs in the last few years, and can’t afford another 20 lakh rupees for the transplant. She's their only child, and you are their only hope.

You are this child's only hope of bidding goodbye to years of pain, and living a normal life. Click here to save her.
Patient Athvika is 3 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver cirrhosis

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