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A Blood Disease Is Claiming Anushka’s Life, She Needs Your Help

11-year-old Anushka is battling a deadly disease and her parents, who have always yearned to give her the best of everything in life, are now at their wit’s end.
Sangeetha and Venkatesan’s world came to a stand-still on a fateful day in December 2017, when they discovered that their youngest daughter was suffering from Fanconi anemia or severe aplastic anemia.
“Despite medicine and proper care, her health is failing. She needs a transfusion every month but even that’s not working anymore…” - Sangeetha, mother.

Only a bone-marrow transplant will see the young girl through this life-threatening illness.

Her condition deteriorates with each passing day
In 2015, two years before she was diagnosed with the blood disease, Anushka was rushed to a local hospital because of a high temperature. Despite the medicines prescribed, she wasn’t getting any better and her parents found themselves in a desperate situation. They moved her to Egmore, where she responded to treatment and was nursed back to good health.

“We were relieved. Back then, we had no idea that this would be the start of a horrific journey for us. That our Anu would be diagnosed with a blood disease just 2 years later.” - Sangeetha, mother.

My entire family depends on my income and I haven’t received my salary in the last 10 months

Sangeetha works as a sweeper in a government school, she earns a meager income of Rs 5000. Venkatesan earns on a day-to-day basis,that is hardly enough to run his family. The family as a whole depends on Sangeetha’s income.

“But I haven’t been getting any salary for the past 10 months. There are days when we hardly eat anything, even my kids go hungry. We have already spent a lot of money on Anushka’s treatment but she needs the bone marrow transplant or else she won’t live. What should I do?” - Sangeetha. 

How you can help

They need around 30 lakhs for the transplant. They are in no position to arrange for so much, you’re their only hope. Any contribution from your side will mean a lot.

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Patient Anushka is 11 years old, living in Vaniyanbadi, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Fanconi Anemia

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