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‘My Dreams Of Becoming A Teacher Is Slowly Getting Crushed By Cancer…Please Help Me’

I used to both study and work a part-time job. My days were productive before January. I want to go back to college, continue my studies, and become a teacher. I want to inspire and educate students, just as I always dreamed. But for that, I need to fight cancer and emerge victorious. How will I be able to do that given my family’s poor financial status?” - Aniket, tearfully
Aniket, a bright and ambitious 1st year Arts student at Prabhu Jagatbandhu College, Howrah, West Bengal, has always dreamed of becoming a teacher and inspiring young minds. However, his life took a devastating turn in January 2024 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Currently, Aniket's dreams and aspirations hang in the balance as he battles this life-threatening illness.

“Every day is a struggle. I feel so exhausted that I can hardly leave my bed’

Aniket’s bright life took a darker turn when doctors discovered a tumour in his private parts, leading to a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Although the tumour was surgically removed, the cancer persists, necessitating further chemotherapy and surgery. His symptoms have been severe. The relentless fatigue keeps him confined to his home, and he hasn’t stepped outside for months. His mother Ajanta has taken on the role of his full-time caregiver, tending to his every need and providing unwavering support.

"Seeing my son in pain every day is unbearable. I would give anything to take his place and see him healthy and smiling again. Every sleepless night, I pray for a miracle, but the fear of not being able to afford his treatment haunts me constantly."- Ajanta, mother

His family’s struggle extends beyond the physical and emotional

The financial strain on Aniket's family has been overwhelming. His father, Sanjay, the primary breadwinner, works tirelessly at a steel company, while his elder brother Abhishek, also works in the same industry. Their combined income is a mere 16,000 INR per month. Despite their combined efforts, the continuous medical expenses since January have drained the family’s savings, leaving them in a dire financial situation. They need 8 lakhs to fund the entire course of his treatment, and until now they have spent around 2 lakhs, relying on loans.

Our funds have run dry, and we are struggling to keep up with the cost of my treatment. I see the exhaustion in my father’s eyes, and it breaks my heart to know that his hard work might not be enough to save me,” Aniket says, his voice breaking

Aniket's family has exhausted all their resources, and now they are turning to the kindness and generosity of others to help them through this critical time. With your help, Aniket can continue his education and achieve his dream.

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Patient Aniket Dolui is 19 years old, living in Haora, West Bengal
Being treated in Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Haora, West Bengal

Receiving treatment for Prostate Cancer/Prostate Carcinoma / PC

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