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5-Year-Old Is Fighting To Survive, Your Help Can Aid In His Battle Against Blood Cancer

Akshat has spent the last two years of his life in pain and frequenting hospitals. With needles puncturing his skin through multiple chemotherapy sessions, the 5-year-old begs his father to put an end to his suffering. Akshat, who began showing symptoms of blood cancer in early 2020, now needs to urgently undergo bone marrow transplant to survive.

“He was a chirpy, playful child. But over the past two years, he has become extremely agitated and cranky. There are days when he doesn’t even utter a word to anyone. I don't know why my child is being punsihed like this. He just can't take it anymore. ,” Mohit, father

Akshat is suffering from B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of blood cancer, and has been recently admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for his chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. The doctors say that he needs to undergo bone marrow transplant in the next 30 days, and it is his only shot at normalcy. It is his family's only hope at ensuring that their son grows up to see and experience the world, like any child of his age.

His treatment, although not much help, has stabilized his condition and kept him somewhat safe. But now, a transplant is his only option and we need a lot more money to save his life.” - Mohit 

Akshat and his family are from Akola, Maharashtra. In 2020, seeing that he would get extremely sick rather frequently, his family bought him to Nagpur for treatment.

“There we found out that he could possibly have blood cancer. The doctor told us to take him to Mumbai immediately for further treatment. Had we not found out about his ailment back in 2020, his treatment may have been delayed and he would not have been us with now.” - Shreya, mother

Mohit is currently in Mumbai with his son and wife. He is looking for a job in the city, while his son undergoes treatment. He had  been working as a contract worker, back home. But since December 2020, when the family had to move to Mumbai for their son’s treatment, he has been out of work.

“The 3 lakh rupees that we have spent so far on his treatment was all from our savings. We had to take loans, which also needs to be repaid on an urgent basis. I don’t know how to go ahead without any job right now. He is my son, I am supposed to be able to do anything and everything for him. But I am failing miserably and it breaks my heart. I pray relentlessly, but that does not pay his hospital bills.” - Mohit 

You can ensure that the 5-year-old can live a life bereft of pain and suffering. His family needs to raise Rs. 29 lakh within a month to save him. Contribute to help Akshat lead a pain-free life by clicking here. 
Patient Akshat Jaiswal is 5 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Leukemia ( Blood Cancer )

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