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6 Different Hospitals, All By Herself - Yet This Mother Can’t Save Her Son’s Life

When little Adeen was born, Sarabudeen and Apsara had been ecstatic. They had 3 children now, like they always wanted. To give them a better childhood than the ones they themselves had, Sarabudeen decided to go to Dubai and work as a driver, and Apsara supported his decision. Things were great, until Adeen started showing unusual symptoms. His eyes turned yellow, and his stomach started bloating. Apsara rushed him to a doctor, and that's when she discovered their precious little baby was dying.

“It’s been eleven months since Adeen came into our life. Once I got the diagnosis a few months ago, I realized he has been in pain since the beginning. Nothing would pacify him and he used to push me whenever I tried to breastfeed. My husband tried his best to come back once I told him what was happening, but his employers had his passport and they refused to let him go. Now, after months of begging them, he's finally here. But in the meantime, Adeen's symptoms have been getting so bad. He can barely breathe because his stomach is so bloated!” - Apsara, mother.

His liver will fail if not treated soon

Apsara took him to six different hospitals until they found out what was wrong with her child. By then, the little boy’s stomach was hard to the touch. He has a liver disease called Hepatitic Biliary Atresia and the baby’s organ is getting more and more damaged with each passing day, eventually leading to liver failure if not treated immediately. There had been a blockage in the baby's bile duct which was causing it and doctors wanted to do an urgent surgery to remove the block.

The surgery didn't work, his symptoms didn't subside

“I left my two little kids at the hospital, and took a bus overnight to borrow money from my friends and family, back then. No one was ready to help… Some asked me to let him die and told he won’t make it to the surgery. Somehow, my husband had managed to send me some money, and combined with what I got from selling my jewellery and some utensils, I managed to pay 3 lakhs for the surgery," - Apsara, mother.

But  Adeen’s symptoms didn’t seem to subside. His stomach got swollen so big that they had to drain the excess fluid, and then it came swelling up in two days again.

He needs a transplant in 10 days, or he will not survive

“He has stopped eating and strangely stopped crying too… I feel he is familiarized with the pain now. It kills me when he looks at me with those weary eyes…I see no hope in them. But I will fight till my last breath to save him from death," - Apsara, mother.

The cost of the transplant is something Apsara and her husband cannot afford. Sarabudeen doesn't know if he even has a job waiting for him anymore. Both parents are desperate, and don't know what to do. Little Adeen just has 10 days left to get the surgery.

“I'm willing to be the donor, and the doctor has given us the surgery date... but the money, we don't have it. 15 lakhs in 10 days - we can never afford that! I have sold everything for the last surgery and now all I have is hope… hope that there will be a miracle and Allah will save my little one’s life," - Apsara, mother.

Help save Adeen’s life. It is his last chance and only your kind contribution can help him get a transplant and save his life at the earliest.

Patient Adeen is 2 years old, living in Kochi, Kerala
Being treated in Aster Medcity, Kochi, Kerala

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver Cirrhosis / CIRRH

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