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Their Baby Is The Only Happiness They Are Left With And His Life Is At Risk

Abu stopped breathing again. 

“This has happened 5 times this week already and we are scared every second about our baby. His birth is the only happiness we have seen in our life. If we lose him too...”
Aftab, father

We are cursed with tragedies

Aftab use to work as a bookbinder in a small company but few years back, he lost four fingers of his left hand in an accident. Just when he recovered mentally and physically, his wife had her first miscarriage.

It wasn’t the only one, we lost two more babies after that, they died in my womb. After so many years, I was blessed with Abu but look at him now. He also is struggling to live. We are cursed with tragedies.”- Gosiya, mother

Happiness that lasted only for a few days

When Abu was born, Aftab and Gosiya forgot all they have been through. They thought all their struggles have come to an end and that their good time has begun but within a few days of his birth, Abu’s health started to deteriorate.

“I noticed boils all over his body and took him to the hospital. We were scared but we never thought it would be his heart. He needs surgery at the earliest but we can’t afford it. He is just a 3 months old baby. I can’t watch him suffer anymore.”

What I earn for the day is what we eat

After the accident, it took a lot of time for Aftab to get back on his feet. He started selling clothes door to door for a living but it was only enough for them to eat the meal for the day.

“We are poor people, affording treatment even for a fever is difficult for us at times. Heart disease? How will we ever afford the cure? Even if we work for 3 years, we would never be able to earn that much.  I beg you, please help us. Please save my baby.

Click here to save little Abu. Your contribution can pull this family out of their miseries. Aftab is grateful for all the help he is getting from the hospital and you. He even promised to contribute all he can for the rest of his life for people who are in need like him. All he wishes is to save his baby.

Patient Abu Talib is 3 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated by Dr Vikas Kohli in Child Heart Foundation, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving treatment for Severe Aortic Stenosis

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