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3-Year-Old With Watermelon Sized Tumour On His Stomach Needs Urgent Treatment

One look at 3-year-old Abhinav and you will be aghast at the sight of a huge tumour at his abdomen. The little one can’t sit up nor can he turn sides while sleeping - even walking a few steps puts him in pain. Abhinav’s tumour is growing with every passing day and the only way he can have a normal and pain-free childhood is with the help of chemotherapy followed by an urgent surgery. But his parents have no idea how they would arrange for so much money.  

Abhinav has only known pain since he was 3 months old

Ashwini and Abhinash were in the seventh heaven when little Abhinav was born to them. The young parents were determined to do everything in their power to give their child a happy life. But even in their wildest dreams, they hadn’t thought of a situation where their child would be in so much pain, yet they would be unable to do anything about it.

“The first time I noticed the small mass on his abdomen, I thought it was an infection - something that would get better with an ointment. But to our shock, we got to know that it was not an infection but a cancerous tumour that was growing on my baby’s body. The doctor, however, assured that with immediate surgery he will be fine. So we struggled to get the funds and went ahead with the surgery, hoping that this would relieve him of his pain,” - Ashwini, mother.  

But the tumour came back and now it is the size of a watermelon

Abhinav is suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma. It is a type of cancerous tumour that is found in the soft tissues of the abdomen and chest. Despite his surgery, his tumour came back and now his only hope is continued chemo followed by a surgery.

“The tumour is the size of a watermelon - I can’t even imagine the pain my son is in! He is undergoing chemotherapy but very soon I will not be able to afford that. All my savings are over and there’s no one else that I can borrow money from...how will I save him?” - Abhinash sounds desperate.  

His cancer is spreading rapidly - he needs urgent help

Abhinav’s cancer has spread to his lungs and is affecting his breathing. Soon, the doctors have said, it will spread to his entire body. But his parents don’t know how they can afford the life-saving treatment.

“I work as a supervisor at a hardware shop in Nagpur - I hardly earn anything. There’s no way I can afford 10 lakhs for Abhinav’s treatment. I need your help to save my son - you’re my only hope,” - Abhinash. 

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Patient Abhinav is 2 years old, living in Nagpur, Maharashtra
Being treated in American Oncology Institute, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma

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