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4-Year-Old Needs A Liver Transplant Within A Month To Survive

Little Aamina has exhausted herself from crying. The pain in her belly has made it impossible for her to sleep or even eat. She’s back at the hospital again, a place that she despises so much, and begs her father to take her home. Qayamuddin hates seeing her this way and wishes he could take her pain away. But all he can do is pray in the hopes that the Lord will ease her discomfort, while the doctors continue to treat her.

The 4-year-old girl suffers from an end-stage intestinal disease that has caused liver failure. As a result, her liver is swollen and she cannot move her arms or legs. Right now, her only hope to survive is a liver transplant and she needs it by end-June. But it is an expensive procedure that her parents are struggling to afford.

They said nerve damage was limiting her mobility

Aamina was born healthier than any baby, weighing a whopping 4.5 kilograms. She grew up to be a bright and cheerful child, always on her feet and accompanying her mother when she had to pick her older siblings up from school. But one day, some two years ago, the little girl started having trouble walking or even standing up, and things only went south from there.

“Initially, when we took her to the hospital, test results found that her liver had swelled up. But the doctor assured us that it could be treated and she needed to be hospitalized. She was discharged with a clean bill of health, but one month later, she started feeling weak again and could barely move her limbs. They said she may have nerve damage which has hindered her movement. It was nerve-wracking and terrifying how sick she would get, but for the longest time we just couldn’t figure out what was wrong...” - Aiman, mother

The swelling in her liver returned and her condition worsened

Qayamuddin and Aiman rushed their toddler to several doctors for over a year, but even after several expensive tests, they weren’t able to detect the cause of the problem. Her symptoms and hospital visits started to become a repetitive cycle.

“It wasn’t until we were referred to a nephrologist about 4 months ago, that we discovered the cause of her sickness. The doctor ran some tests and told us that our baby was suffering from a liver disease and would need surgery, which would cost us lakhs. I was floored. The estimated amount was so expensive for us to even think about. I didn’t know what to do, and felt so helpless. I started working as much as I could to gather the money for her surgery, and in the meantime, the doctor prescribed some medicines to stabilize her condition” - Qayamuddin, father

Only a liver transplant can save her, but her father is struggling to afford it

Qayamuddin, an electrician, has been attempting to gather finances for his daughter’s surgery for the past year. But all his hard-earned money has gone into her treatment so far, leaving him with nothing. Aamina needs a liver transplant within a month, or she won't be able to recover at all. The procedure will cost INR 15 lakhs, but Qayamuddin doesn’t know how he will afford it.

Aamina’s life depends on this liver transplant now, but I’m failing to get her that. I am falling short on money, but that’s the only way I can save her! For over 6 months now, she hasn’t been able to move at all. She has trouble passing motion, frequently vomits and has a constant high temperature. Sometimes we see slow improvements. But just when we think she’s getting better, her condition takes a turn for the worse. She is in so much pain and it breaks my heart. I haven't been able to do anything to help her. I’m trying so hard, but I know I can’t save her on my own. I desperately need your help!

Qayamuddin has spent over INR 7 lakhs on his daughter’s treatment so far. Now, he needs your help. Aamina has to get liver transplant as soon as possible, and by the end of the month, or she will lose her life. Through your generous contribution, she will be able to start her life anew as a healthy little girl. Click here to donate!
Patient Aamina is 4 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jupiter Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for liver faliure

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