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This Baby Girl Is Alive And Healthy Because Of You, Now You Can Help More Babies Like Her Survive And Thrive

28 August 2017 is a day that Inspector Shashidhar could never forget. He had been stunned to see a man rush into the Basavanagudi Police Station, Bengaluru, in the early hours of that morning with a 1-day-old baby in his arms. He’d claimed that he’d found her in the middle of the street the previous night, while driving back home after work.

Clearly in distress, the baby was rushed to a hospital 

Inspector Shashidhar took the baby under his wing, realising she was in distress and needed immediate medical attention. He was shaken when he saw that she had not been washed or fed, and even had the clip on her umbilical cord. He rushed the baby to a hospital for an evaluation. Constables were deputed to guard the NICU, while the Inspector took responsibility for her care.

"She had severe respiratory distress and an infection because of the cord. She was on a ventilator and in the hospital for 23 days. The other constables had also gotten attached to her and prayed for her recovery day and night. In the meantime, the search for her family continued.” - Inspector Shashidhar

R- Inspector Shashidhar

When he was at the end of his rope, you stepped in to help

“I had borne the initial medical expenses - I had just Rs. 20,000, I paid all of it. I wanted to pay for the baby's treatment irrespective of the cost. But with bills amounting to 4 lakh rupees, I  needed help. So, when the bills went beyond my affordability, the hospital helped me start a fundraiser.” - Inspector Shashidhar

That is when you came forward to give this baby a proper start to life. You reached out in many different ways to render your support, but it was your kindness and generous contributions that saw this baby all the way through to the healthy life that awaited her. With your support, Inspector Shashidhar was able to keep her NICU treatment going, and slowly, this baby girl got stronger. 

She found her happily ever after, and you made that happen

Considering her circumstances, she was fondly referred to as ‘Baby Unknown’. The nurses and hospital staff grew emotionally attached to her and took care of her like their own. On day 23, she was discharged with a clean bill of health handed over to Shishu Vihar, the state child home. Today, this baby girl is alive, healthy and has been welcomed into a family. She is now a daughter to loving parents and is enjoying a wonderful life, just as you had wished and prayed for her.

 "I wish I could have taken her home, but I did not have that opportunity. I am glad that I made the right decisions on the day we found her. I thank every single one of you who came forward and helped her when she needed it the most." - Inspector Shashidhar

You were there for Baby Unknown and she was able to recover and lead a healthy life only because of your support. But this is not the case with other newborns born with similar complications. Millions of poor children suffer from complications that come with being born too early in this world. These include being underweight, suffering from respiratory issues, life-threatening infections and underdevelopment of other vital organs.

If these little ones do not get prolonged NICU care from the day they were born, their chances of surviving are minimal.  Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures. You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Baby Critical Care Fund, which will ensure that no preterm baby is devoid of medical treatment that can help them go back home with their parents, and lead normal lives like you and me.

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