• Any student (Indians and non-Indians), over the age of 18, pursuing college or post-graduate education at an accredited college or university located in India
  • Any Indian national, over the age of 18, pursuing college or post-graduate education at an accredited institution abroad. 
You can use Milaap for college expenses like a laptop, study abroad, textbooks, and more. In fact, the more specific you are about what you need the funds for, the better!
There are a lot of factors that go into a successful Milaap page, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. First, make sure you tell a good story—explain all about your hard work. Be transparent about what you need help paying for. Most importantly: we are here to help! 
Yes! More and more students are getting the debt-free financial support they need from their families and communities. College is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your lifetime — it is a great idea to get help with paying for your education.
Milaap, India’s leading crowdfunding platform and Internshala, India’s no. 1 internships platform have joined hands to launch an initiative ‘Sapno Ki Udaan’ with an aim to provide financial assistance to students who desire to learn but may not have adequate resources at their disposal.

‘Sapno Ki Udaan’ which means ‘Giving wings to your dreams’ is an exciting initiative for college students. Students from all academic background can submit their entries and win scholarships through crowdfunding.

The entries will be evaluated based on the ‘sense of purpose’, ‘academic background’ and ‘the element of need’. The top 10 entries get a guaranteed scholarship of Rs 50,000 each irrespective of how much they raise and remaining entries get funds for their education through crowdfunding.
Create a fundraising page on Milaap to raise money for your education and include the hashtag #SapnoKiUdaan in the fundraising campaign’s description. 
Yes. You may create the campaign for you or on behalf of a student you want to help. Ensure you have the consent and necessary supporting documents of the student before doing so. 
If your fundraising page for higher education was created before this contest started, you may still enter by editing your campaign description to include the hashtag #SapnoKiUdaan
Students from all courses/academic streams/colleges are eligible to start a fundraising page. 
  • Description of yourself and your background (where you are from, what you are doing etc)
  • Which college/program you’re attending and what kinds of expenses you’ll have
  • Your reason for wanting to pursue this course
  • Your awards, honors, and extracurricular activities
  • Why do you need the Milaap scholarship and how will it benefit 
Check out some of our success stories of students to get an idea of how to write your story -  Example 1, Example 2, 
The idea is that you are prepared for the opportunity you have in mind. So, you need official letter of acceptance and/or fee challan from the institute where you intend to study. 
  • Write your story sincerely and get it endorsed and supported by your friends and family.
  • Include compelling pictures: use photos of yourself. Want to go further? Make a video pitch. 
  • Detail what funding you already have (from scholarships, parents, etc.) and what you will need
  • Start with a specific, modest goal
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Write from the heart. Original and sincere fundraisers get special consideration.  
Entries till June 15 will be considered for the Sapno ki Udaan initiative. However, you can raise funds on Milaap for your education at any point of time.
Over the next 10 weeks, our panel of qualified editors will select one entrant each week with the highest-scoring fundraising campaign from among all eligible campaigns based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the Theme and history of overcoming obstacles (25%) 
  • Demonstration of admirable character (25%)
  • Demonstration of academic promise (25%)
  • Financial need (25%)
As part of this initiative, students selected as winners provide consent for their stories to be published on Milaap and Internshala’s social media and other channels. They also provide consent to being interviewed by Milaap’s editorial team.
The winner will be the student for whom the fundraising campaign was created. If you created a campaign on behalf of a student, and she is one of the winners, then you do not have any rights to the prize.  

The prize can only be used for college fees or education related expenses. There is no substitution, cash equivalent or transfer of prizes allowed.
Your funds can be transferred to your personal bank account or paid directly to the institution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understand the steps involved - Watch this video
Yes! Milaap makes it easy to tell your story and start raising funds quickly. Watch this video before you start the process. 
There are a lot of factors that go into a successful Milaap page, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.
First, visit your dashboard and click on ‘Promote fundraiser’ to get few tips, from our successful campaigns in the past, which you can follow to make your campaign a success!
Second, each one of you will have a campaign manager assigned to help you with the fundraising. Be proactive in implementing their ideas and be in constant touch with them over Whatsapp. 
Before you get in touch, we strongly recommend seeing if your query is addressed here https://milaap.org/crowdfunding/faq . If not, please write to us at feedback@milaap.org
Setting up a fundraiser on Milaap is FREE.  There are no upfront or fixed fees.  There are no time limits or minimum amounts to be raised as well.

For winners: 
Students who qualify among the top 10 as winners will receive a minimum guaranteed amount of INR 50,000 each. If his/her campaign raises an amount of more than INR 50,000 - deduction of 12% platform and marketing promotion fees and payment gateway fees of 2% fees would be applied on the amount raised.  

For others: For all other students, a deduction of 5% platform fees and payment gateway fees of 2% on the funds raised will be applied by Milaap.

Amount RaisedFeesPG FeesSTAvailable for WithdrawalAdditional scholarshipTOTAL
Example 150,0006,0001,25090041,8508,15050,000
Example 255,0006,6001,37599046,0353,96550,000
Funds raised would be transferred either to the students’ individual bank accounts upon submission of bills/invoices/fee challan or directly to the institution.