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The underprivileged women of India are often an inspiration to those of us who have it easy. Good wishes to Anjali Devi and her family for education and progress.

Saraswathy Ganapathy

To achieve big, believe in yourself and be mentally strong.

Krishna Raj, Mughalsarai



Most Indian’s still do not have access to modern sanitation. only 32% of rural households have their own toilets and that less than half of Indian households have a toilet at home. There is an urgent need for more such campaigns all across India.

Rashmi Ingole, Banglore

It's a great initiative! Good luck for accomplishing this mission.

Shrishti Chouhan, Mumbai

Congratulations! on spreading hygiene awareness

Maria Fernandes, Mumbai
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About the initiative

Women are the backbone of our society, and yet 300 million Indian women have no access to basic hygiene and sanitation (United Nations 2014). We want to begin a wave of change and you can join us. In India, a majority of women and girls residing in rural communities lack a public or home toilet, and remain uninformed of hygienic and menstrual health practices. Our daily hygiene products are designed to contribute 5% of net revenue to improve women’s hygiene and sanitation. With one bottle of hand sanitizer, we provide consumers with a high-quality product and influence the realities of rural women and girls through supporting hygiene and sanitation initiatives.

Be. The Solution is a new online brand of daily hygiene products. We bring you a refreshing take to your ordinary personal care routine. Be.’s formula uses naturally-based ingredients. Be. has curated hand sanitizers, body mist, hand soap, toilet seat sanitizer, and an intimate wash for women with the everyday Indian woman in mind. We know caring for your skin with the healthiest products is important to you. For this reason, Be. sources high-quality ingredients from lavender, lemongrass, orange, lemon, black pepper, aloe vera, and green tea.

Our brand helps women empower one another and strive toward a better future for India. As a new brand, our hygiene products are designed to make a woman’s personal care and hygienic lifestyle easier to manage on a daily basis, and give back to society. Be. The Solution is unique to India and originates from Indian thought. Be.’s philosophy is simple. We believe every Indian woman deserves to feel healthy and beautiful in her own skin. While using personal skincare products that nourish your skin with natural and healthy ingredients, you will provide sustainable solutions to improve women and girls hygienic sanitation. When you are shopping online, Be. makes it easy for you to get involved with this cause.