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I am fundraising to help children from low income families receive a quality education
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    Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian


What can we do to transform the lives of a whole generation of children from low-income families? 

A vast majority of  parents from the socioeconomically weak sections send their children to schools with big hopes. They wish that schooling will set their children up for a fair chance at life - a fair chance that each of us who can read this got because of our schooling.

I am part of a team of volunteers who have immersed themselves in educating the slum kids in our neighbourhood. 

Under NISER's social club Zaariya, our 40 volunteers have been teaching 49 kids for the past 3 months on a weekly basis.  Only 25 among them go to school. But even many of them are far below their grade level. Through our initiative, the government has recognised the shortcomings of their schools and committed themselves to better their services.

Among the out of school children, we have sent 2 to Bal Sainik School, 2 to Shaala Boarding School and 19 others to a nearby government school. We will be collaborating with the government and the private schools through our volunteers to ensure quality education for our children.

We require your help in funding their school education for the next academic year.

Your contribution would go towards paying

1)The full fees of Tehasin, Rabi and Sukriya who are admitted in Shaala Boarding School  Rs. 56100

2)Admission Fees of Ankita admitted in Bal Sainik School.                                                         Rs. 7960


Total Financial assistance needed                         Rs. 64060.00

 The detailed breakup of annual school fees:

For Bal Sainik School

Admission fees:  Rs.5,500

Monthly fees:      Rs.480

For Shaala Boarding School: 

1) Admission Fees- Rs. 600.00

2)School Uniform   Rs. 1500.00

3)Books                    Rs. 1600.00

4) Tuition fees         Rs. 1000.00

6) Hostel fees          Rs. 12000.00

7)Travel                    Rs. 2000.00


Total                         Rs. 18700.00

Want to do something more for the cause?  We plan to strengthen our team and expand the scope of Zaariya's initiative in the next academic year. Assist us in our efforts from wherever you are. Sign up to be our volunteer here.

You can follow updates of our activities on ZAARIYA'S Facebook page.

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