Help Yazhini shri, the only hope of her mother fight blood cancer

Yazhini is 2-year-old with blood cancer. Her mother Gomathi was a school teacher and is struggling to pay for her treatment. Yazhini's father is no more and her mother cannot depend on her aging parents to save her only child's life.

Yazhini doesn't understand what is happening

“Every time she needs to take an injection, Yazhini looks at me and pleads that I make them stop. I need to tell her all kinds of stories, because saving her life is more important,” Gomathi explains. Her voice falters as she recalls the various tests Yazhini has already gone through. 

Just five years after her marriage, Gomathi lost her husband to an accident. He was coming back home on his two wheeler and was hit by a lorry. He died on the spot, leaving behind his young wife their 7-month-old daughter Yazhini.  

Her husband's family wanted nothing to do with Gomathi and Yazhini. She had to come back to stay with her parents and two younger brothers. In that difficult time, it was the thought of her baby kept Gomathi going. Her old life was irrevocably gone, her daughter became the new centre around which Gomathi rebuilt her life. 

Rebuilding a life despite all her troubles

Recently, she even got a job as a school teacher making Rs 5,000 per month. It wasn't much, but after a long time, she felt hope. She felt confident that she could bring up her daughter – even if her husband and his family were not around. 

Only two months later, Yazhini fell very sick. No medicines took away her fever. After a month of running different of tests, the doctors told Gomathi news that would take away all the happiness she had carefully collected for herself as a single mother. 

She gets emotional when she talks about her little girl having cancer. “Yazhini is so young and innocent, she doesn't even know what a father is. I have tried to give her everything but it is very painful to be made to feel helpless,” she explains. 

“If anything happens to her, I will have nothing left to live for”

Yazhini has already started her 2-year-long chemotherapy treatment. So far, she is responding well to the treatment and the doctors are hopeful. Despite getting a rebate on the treatment, Gomathi still needs to pay Rs 2-2.5 lakhs for the entire treatment. 

Having recently lost the only job she has ever held, Gomathi has no idea how she will pay for the treatment. “Appa (father) is 75 years old and used to work as an electrician. Amma (mother) is a  housewife. Even though they want to help, we don’t have any property or assets to raise money,” she explains. 

Gomathi is pained that all the love and care for her daughter will not be enough to save her. Help Gomathi save her daughter's life. Contribute now.

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20th June 2017
Dear supporters,

My daughter Yazhini Shree has undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy and needs 6 more to go. One dose of chemotherapy is divided into four dosages as she is a child. There has been good improvement in her health and her hemoglobin levels have become a lot better. She does not need any blood transfusions.

My daughter is alive because of all your contributions. I am thankful to each and every supporter.

Gomathi (Yazhini's mother)
26th March 2017
Dear All,

Yazhini shree completed her first month of chemotherapy and the test done at the end of first month to find out her  response to treatment  was not satisfactory and so she was given intensive treatment in the 2nd month  and the test done at the end of 2nd month of treatment showed that her disease is under control.  Currently she is in the third month of treatment .

She had become  very chirpy   and talks a lot while she stays in hospital . She is now  very friendly with the nursing staff and doctors and her favourite play at home is giving injections to her mother and relatives.

Though we cannot reduce  the pain and  suffering of the mother who has to see her child forego her normal childhood fun and play,  the donors have done an remarkable job  by contributing to her treatment and had relieved her financial worries.

We now see a smiling child and a smiling , relieved mother who is eagerly waiting to see her child return to her normal routine .

Thanks to every one who were a part of this noble cause.

- Dr.Snehalatha

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