Support Women Prisoners - in their journey of transformation

Can women prisoners really change? Give them a chance, they can!!            Pehel facilitates this join us!!

  • Prisoners often come from a background of conflicts turned violent or abusive.
  • Prisoners and their families have been torn by effects of unresolved conflicts and unhealthy conflict handling.
  • Once in prison, these people are socially excluded and are given-up by our society – the most affected are often women and children.
  • Prisoners need opportunities and resources to constructively engage in rebuilding their lives, families and communities.
Peacemakers believes in facilitating rehabilitation, and to develop healthy relationships. Pehel (a beginning in Hindi) started by a TISS MSW student. Through a TATA TRUSTS  supported fellowship of TISS. As the need was felt for long term work among the women inmates Peacemakers hosts Pehel


in the words of Women in prisons.....

”Where is justice... When I was thrown with my small child outside the house in middle of the night to die and I had nowhere to go... Now when I rebel the law is against me... What about harm done to my child and me?”

“I want to make up for what I have done... Please help me ...”

"... if I was educated I would have never been here... Now I will not miss the opportunity to study...looking forward to study ...”

“What will I do sitting idle here… How will I be reformed when I know my husband and children are suffering outside and I am locked here for years...  If I can work and put my skills to use, I can at least send some money for my husband’s medication and child's education… “

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable Women in Prisons - forgotten by society and abandoned by their own family

  • Women under-trials
  • Women convicts
  • Families of prisoners
Key Areas of Intervention - Psycho-social support for inmates
  • Mental health recovery and empowerment
  • Life skills & Livelihood training for inmates
  •  Legal aid support & follow-ups with legal fraternity
  • Need based support for children of inmates from the women prisoners who attended life-skills and livelihood training:

“We never thought that there would be anybody who will bother about us. We are forgotten by the world outside, some of us even by our own family members. We cannot believe we are being heard.”

“So far we were afraid of the challenges we foresaw in each of our lives. Now we know that there are different ways to face it and different solutions that we can explore.”

“All of us have been together for so many years. But this has been the first time that we have been able to listen to each others problems, understand each other better and look at ourselves differently.”

Come Partner to make a difference in the lives of prisoners and their families.

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8th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on the progress of this campaign.

Sucharitha (name changed), acquitted by the court, walked free from imprisonment. Here is her brief story of transformation.

Sucharitha aspired to be a trained medical nurse. Early marriage put an end to that dream. Shockingly, a sudden death of her husband landed her into the prisons. When peacemakers-pehel staff met her she was in the prison lonely, traumatized and forgotten by her own family. A gentle hand-holding, counselling and adequate legal aid (with the help of expert and yet committed lawyers) has enabled her to freedom and a new life.

Now, Sucharitha completed her training and is working with cancer patients. Such transformations bring new energy and dynamism to the team.Thank you for believing in our initiative to help women prisoners transformed.

Partner with us! Invest your talent, time and money in to life-changing possibilities with peacemakers.

Thank you for your support and love.

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