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Fundraising to educate1000 underprivileged kids across India-Join Us!
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Warrier Foundation

Our Mission is to provide an ecosystem for individuals to create a way of life, discovering their potential in all dimensions - physical, mental, social and spiritual - thus identifying their purpose in life.

Our activities

We have undertaken multiple initiatives in the arena of education, healthcare and disaster relief with the support of like-minded organisations and individuals. Through these, we hope to provide a better quality of life to those deserving of the support.

Our Facilities

Partner with us

In order to carry out our various projects and improve our infrastructure, we are constantly seeking partners who share our vision and beliefs. The support may be through your time, counsel or financial means - we welcome it.

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What do I plan to do with the funds?

We are providing free education, shelter and healthcare to more than 300 childern at our Balmandirams in Mumbai and Kerala .

Image titleImage titleImage title1) At our Balamandiram at Panvel, we currently have a Residential School for45 Vedic students affiliated to Ujjain University and 35 students under the regular syllabus. The teachers for the Vedic courses also stay at the hostels with their families. In addition, we are also associated with the Jankalyan Sevashram and Girija Foundation, whereby we have another 125 students under our wings.

2)Balmandiram, Thirunavaya (Kerala) is home to more than 125 children some of who are now appearing for their Graduation and Post-Graduation degrees.

3) Balmandiram, Erranakulam (Kerala) which was started in 2016 , now has 35 boys living and studying with us. Our Balmandiram has brought about a change in the entire village and community around through the means of various activities like medical check-up camps, special councelling for childeren in the nearby schools, art and cultural acitivites and programmes

While we have covered so many students within our ambit currently, we hope to touch the lives of 1,000 children by the end of 2018. And that, we can only arrive at, with your support. 

Our Future Plans:

1) Anakatty- Coimbatore ( Community development and Balamandiram)

2)Our the Universal Centre for Individual Intergration at Thirunavaya (Kerala) with an auditorium of 6500 sq ft & 30 Rooms. 

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The Centre hopes to create an environment for seekers to find solace and harmony by combining physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects.The mission of the Centre is to show individuals the path towards integration of their body, mind, intellect and spirit, thus fulfilling their quest for a higher self.

Warrier Foundation is committed to with its Vision to touch the lives of 1000 Childern thus enabling them in finding contentment and fulfillment through a value-oriented life.


Please feel free to write to us or call us with any questions at:

Phone : (M) +91 982 005 0071

Phone: (M) +91 9920902283

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