help to Vijayarunachalam to buy a canon DSLR camera

This is really a "magical chance" to new faces who wish to be actor or technicians in film industry.All super stars were 'new faces' in their first movie.Here I am creating a platform for new actors and new technicians.
I want to make new faces for short films and feature films in the following category.
3.Music composers
5.VFX designers
6.Dubbing artists
7.Other technical members.
  To give 'life' to those who have burning desires in their belly, I need a small camera to startup the fire of magic.Yes.A small camera is enough to make a big dream to become real on silver screens.
I wish to make a series of 12 short films and 6 long short films and 3 feature films on self supporting basis through crowd funding platform.The main intention of these attempts are to help new comers who are having burning desire in their belly to become starts of tomorrow.
  Initially I wish to buy a Canon DSLR camera with accessories.Once buying this camera I will call persons who wish to act,work as technicians in all areas.After making 12 short films and 6 long short films I will create an Youtube channel and I will publish the short films in this channel.Then I will form a crew members to start a feature film on self supporting basis.
  The following are the breakup of funds to be utilized:
1.Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm ISII Lens,16GB card:Rs 29225-
2.Flycam FF-3000-BP Camera Stabilizer body por with support belt:Rs 5700/-
3.Powerpak LEd-168A Metal hot shoe mount LED light:Rs 2250/-
4.Flyfilms 3-wheel table skater trolly:Rs 2900/-
5.J4way macro focusing railslider:Rs 2500/-
Total amount:Rs 42575/- only.

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6th August 2017
According to  Psychiatric diagnosis was based on DSM-III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, third edition) which was done by medical professionals and they have submitted a survey on software professionals and showed an interesting results. The results are summarized that how software professional are affected as follows: 1) Physical complaints were observed in 68% of the subjects with 25% of the subjects complaining of physical ill-health. This study showed that 12% of the subjects had hypertension, 12%, gastritis or gastro-duodenal ulcer, 14%, allergic disease, and 19% miscellaneous diseases. 2) Of the subjects 62% had mental complaints and 31% mental ill-health. Depressive symptom was the most frequent mental complaint with 32% of the subjects diagnosed as DSM-III. The common diagnoses were adjustment disorders (19%), major affective disorders (6%), psychological factors affecting physical condition (5%) and dysthymic disorder (3%). Only one subject sought professional help from a psychiatrist for relief of mental complaints. The data suggest the severity of mental ill health in software engineers, but methodological limitations preclude a firm conclusion at this time.  This short film,'Ethirmugam' deals with such psychiatry problems on software professionals with empathy and to give a warning to the society.
  We request the people those who are connected with IT industry (ie software companies and software jobs) to donate to this short film making.
  Give whatever money you can donate to this project.
  Come,let us unite and save software professionals from work related psychiatry problems.
Director,Actor & Producer
4th August 2017
Dear all,

To help this crowd funding campaign for 'Short films by Vijayarurnachalam, we have arranged a 'Screen writing course' to be conducted by Vijayarunachalam for short film and future film aspirants.

There are three courses namely:

1.Screen writing course by correspondence
   Duration: 3 months with 12 modules.
   Course fees by donation:Rs 15555/-only

2.Screen writing mini course by correspondence
   Duration: 3 weeks with 12 modules.
   Course fees by donation:Rs 5555/-only

3.Screen writing workshop
   Duration: One day (Place and venue will announced later)
   Course fees by dontion:Rs 5555/-only

By joining any one of the course,you can help this campaign for short films by Vijayarunachalam and you can also become an 'Honorary Co-Producer" of the short films produced under this campaign. So you need not donate your hard earned money for free.

By donating this campaign you have two  benefits as;

   1) you are joining the above course at "free of Cost"
       a) if you donate Rs 15555/- you can join Screen writing course by correspondence.
       b) If you donate Rs 5555/- you can join Screen writing course
either by correspondence (Or) you can attend One day Screen writing workshop at the place & venue announced later.

   2) You are becoming an "Honorary Co-Producer" of short film.

   We request you to forward this request to your friends and followers and ask them to help this campaign.

Thanks for your support.

 Director,Actor & Producer
1st August 2017
Dear Supporters,

Our short film "Ethirmugam" is a psyco-film which reveals the real pscho problem faced by software professionals.

The hero of this short film works in an IT company, one day he was caught with a unique unsolved problem. He then frightened. Nothing solves his night mare. A lot of survey reports mentioning  DSM-III, DSM-IV, WMH-CIDI disorders and few more related to epidemiology.

But his problem is unique and the first time in history.There upon he meets a doctor and a trio formed with a police cop, a top business man and a yoga God man.

This trio tried to help this  IT man which then leads to unpredictable real night mare!

This short film helpful to manage and recover software professionals who are affected by such disorders. On successful production and screening of this short film, we will try to extend this into a feature film.
Help us to make this short film as a grand success.

Thank you for all the support.
 Director, Actor & Producer
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