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I am fundraising for Paper Recycle,Plant trees,2bin1bag & Literature.
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Our Franchise Shop at Bengaluru
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At Bluestar Ltd we collected 5 tons

Why am I fundraising...?

Increase paper recycling,
Tree plantation,
Literature promotion
And 2bin1bag promotion for waste segregation.  

 India's paper production is 13 million tons every year and only 26% is getting recycled. In coming years paper production is increasing as there is increase in population too. Therefore more trees being cut every year.Not only trees but water,power,oil resources are needed to produce paper. India imports 4.6 million tons of waste paper every year worth Rs 3750 Crores.
  If we recycle 1 ton of paper we can save 17 trees,7000 gallons of water,3 barrels of oil,41000 KW  of electricity.

For this problem we have started USED2USEFUL social enterprise .

Used2useful collects all kind of  used/old paper related items and provide new useful books. through Barter system. so that people can get new books without worriying about money. They can get new books for old books in easy way.

  On the other hand we are promoting literature by giving useful books to our customers who give us old/used paper related items. We provide all types of books. We value the value of paper by weighing it.

      We do school and apartment camapaigns and also we do free home service. We send all the paper collected to nearest recycling plant for recycling.

  More info visit www.used2useful.in

Our Mission
1.To Increase percentage of Paper Recycling To Decrease Deforestation
2.To Promote International And National Literature To Rural India
3.To Plant More Trees To Built A Better Eco-Friendly Generation
4.To Provide More Employment Through Our Franchise To All Over India

What we have  plan to do with funds;

To purchase new books, (literature and academics).
2bin 1 bag kits,
Vehicle (Tata Ace) for Transportation , As of now 1 vehicle.
Bikes for free home service and Marketing,

Website enhancement,

Desktops,Laptops for website maintenance,

Internet and rent charges,

Planting trees at schools by students,

To expand used2useful through franchise (our next step)

To expand our service all over Bengaluru.


What type of books does used2useful provide?

Ans: We provide all types of books including academics 

What do you do with used paper we give?
Ans: We send it to recycling plant.

Why we have to fund Used2useful ?
Ans: To save nature and its resources and to promote great  knowledge through books.

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