WHAT IS A ZINE :                                                                                 most commonly a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced using a photocopier, printing press or just paper and pen. Dissidents and members of socially marginalized groups have published their own opinions in leaflet and pamphlet form for as long as such technology has been available. The primary intent of publication is usually for purposes other than profit. Zines frequently draw inspiration from a "do-it-yourself" philosophy, or DIY ethic. Zines cover an endless amount of topics and can have some awesome, one-of-a-kind, collectable art inside.
WHAT IS A ZINE FEST :                                                                                 Zine fests are a great place to learn something new, get inspired, discuss, interact, meet friends, connect with local writers and get involved with various forms of accessible media. They bring together people who are interested and involved in making zines and DIY publishing, sharing ideas and stories. It’s an amazing way to get a conversation started, and make something big happen in our community.
IMPORTANCE AND RELEVANCE : The heart of the act of zine-making, is to be  rooted  in  physical  interaction  between  zinester,  zine,  and  the  reader.  Zines  were  meant  to  be  handed  from  person  to  person,  physically  shared.  The  experience  of  handling  zines  in  person,  turning  each  page  to  reveal  intimate  secrets,  funny  comics,  and  poetry,  can’t  be  duplicated  on-line.  You  would  get  the  content,  but  miss  out  on  the  physical  experience.                              Our  work  will  also  help  to  legitimize  zines,  not  only  as  radical  historical  footnotes  but  also  as  valid  literary  and  historic  works  worthy  of  collection,  preservation  and  study.                                                It  would  be  an  excellent  opportunity  to  demonstrate  that  zines  can  be  relevant  political  and  educational  tools.                          Self-published  ephemera  like  zines,  handbills,  and  independent  newspapers  can  provide  a  glimpse  into  a  part  of  history  that  includes  the  voices  of  marginalized  individuals  and  groups  which  would  otherwise  be  lost  were  they  not  collected.                                  Since  before  alternative  publications  are  a  natural  and  important  tool  for  preserving  free  speech.
THE TRAVELLING BOMBAY ZINE FEST : the Bombay Zine Fest will comprise of more than 300 zines from around the world. Starting with Bombay, we would like to take the Bombay Zine Fest to five more cities, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Pune and Kochi, so six cities in all. In addition to the showings at each tour stop, we will also be facilitating all-ages zine-making workshops, using zines from the exhibit as inspiration. Visitors to the exhibit will have a chance to experiment with a variety of zine structures, techniques, and materials, and in some cases meet and connect with the participating zine-makers themselves. The travelling exhibition will visit colleges, schools libraries and community centres, and anyone else who will have us. The bold endeavours of the zine-makers we present might even influence other hopefuls to pursue their dreams as well, ultimately allowing aspiring zine-makers to lead better, more fulfilled lives.
ZINE LIBRARY : The larger goal is to set-up a zine library in Mumbai, a space where we could house a range of zines from the past as well as the present, from India and the rest of the world, books and information about the history of this medium and more. We are already working towards this.                                                                                                                                                      
It’s hard to find reading material that challenges the for-profit, corporate culture. Our well-stocked public and university libraries, though publicly funded, primarily serve private middle-class constituencies – businesses, professions, students, job-seekers, and consumers.                                                                                                                        There is a clear gap in the information world. As stated above, most libraries and bookstores keep to the middle of the road. It is very hard to find any materials published outside the mainstream, and especially hard to find materials that have been self-published (zines and factsheets), or non-mainstream periodicals, newspapers and tabloids.
We need more independent bookspaces as a city, we have none. We will be the ones to fix this.                                                           Bookspaces are community spaces, people come here to meet-up, go out on dates, people hang out here, browse for hours, exchange small smiles with strangers.                                                                                                   Everything is online (well that is what we are told) but it’s still good to hold a physical book in your hands. There’s something different about books that you just need to see them; you need to feel them, you need to open them up, you need to be able to do that. And that’s why this space is important.                                                                                      In the age of tech, social media, and instant access to anything and everything, bookspaces help slow us down in a good way. We all want to be able to browse the shelves.
As a bookspace, we will specialize in handpicked used graphic literature, zines and other independent publications, children's books, new art and design magazines, and publications by small local presses.
This is what we require to take Bombay Zine Fest to six cities and set-up a zine library
INR 180,000, ( INR 30,000 per city, six cities in all ) for travel and stay for fifteen days in each city, in every city we will do two to three showings plus interact and connect with more people interested and involved in independent publishing.
INR 90,000 ( INR 15,000 per city, making a zine with material collected in that city, through different workshops and interactions )
INR 1,50,000 towards initial inventory for the ZINE LIBRARY                                    INR 3,60,000 towards space rent and maintenance costs for first year                                            INR 1,80,000  towards salaries for space attendant for first year                                                                      INR 90,000 initial infrastructure (book-shelves, water-filter, mattresses, and more)                                                                                                    INR 60,000 repairs to the space and other surprise expenses
We hope the zine library will become self-sustained within the first six months, so for the Bombay Zine Fest to travel to six cities and to set up the zine library and run it for first six months, we will require in all INR 11,10,000  plus  the  online  crowd-funding  platform  fees
For more about us,                                                                                We are bombay underground and dharavi art room on Facebook and Instagram
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3rd July 2018
In the  year  that  went  by,  we  traveled  to  five  cities  plus  multiple  pop-ups  exhibitions in  the  next  few  months  we  plan  to  zero  down  on  a permanent  space  for the  zine  library  to  rest  in  Bombay,  such  that  it is  full-time  accessible  to  many
8th February 2018
Hi All,
With  the  money  raised  till  date,  we  are  trying  to  rent  a  space  to  start  the  zine  library,  and  host  the  2nd  bombay  zine  fest,  which  will  then  travel  to  five  more  cities.

Super  thanks  thanks  to  all  who  have  contributed  till  date
more  updates  soon  soon,  on  our  instagram  and  facebook  pages.

12th October 2017
Hi All,
After sharing some space out of someone's office, now we are back to no space just street pop-ups, but we hope to push ourselves to raise enough to find a new space by mid-December.

A big thank you to  all  those who have contributed  till  now  and  helped us sustain the space and collection. Please continue to share the campaign with your friends and family.

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It was such an honor to spend time with you aqui!! Please keep in touch!!!!!

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You guys are the badass, radical intervention into publishing that the world really needs. And your reading-women book club looks like a DREAM.