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It’s hard to find reading material that challenges the for-profit, corporate culture. Our well-stocked public and university libraries, though publicly funded, primarily serve private middle-class constituencies – businesses, professions, students, job-seekers, and consumers.

There is a clear gap in the information world. As stated above, most libraries and bookstores keep to the middle of the road. It is very hard to find any materials published outside the mainstream, and especially hard to find materials that have been self-published (zines and factsheets), or non-mainstream periodicals, newspapers and tabloids.

We need more independent bookspaces as a city, we have none.
We will be the ones to fix this. We have all dreamed of owning a library/bookstore, this is the time to make it real. A bookspace owned by booklovers.

Independent bookstores have suffered from a new crop of competitors in the last few decades. From big-box mega-stores, online retail giants like Amazon, as well as the growing popularity of e-books and e-readers, surviving independents face many challenges. But we understand the inexplicable yearning a reader has for a physical community, not just an Amazon checkout basket.

Libraries / Bookstores are community spaces, people come here to meet-up, go out on dates, people hang out here, browse for hours, exchange small smiles with strangers.

Everything is online (well that is what we are told) but it’s still good to hold a physical book in your hands. There’s something different about books that you just need to see them; you need to feel them, you need to open them up, you need to be able to do that. And that’s why this space is important.
In the age of tech, social media, and instant access to anything and everything, bookstores help slow us down in a good way. We all want to be able to browse the shelves.

Let’s make a place where somebody brings their kids on the weekend, where they grow up, and when they’re in their 20s or 30s, they feel like they want to open a bookstore too because they spent every weekend at this one place as a kid, and it was an inspiration. This is where memories are made. We want our bookspace to be for everyone else what bookspaces were to us. We want our bookspace to be that place you bring your out of town friend to see, because it's just that cool!

As a bookspace, we will specialize in handpicked used feature film, philosophy, graphic literature, zines and other independent publications, children's books, new art and design magazines, and publications by small local presses, as well as select design objects, paper products, vintage housewares, collectables and other curios that we find in our continual search for distinctive used books.

When you support an independent bookspace, no matter where you are, you are supporting learning, growth, diversity and inclusion.
This is what we require to keep the Underground Bookhouse running for a year,

INR 1,50,000 towards inventory - We are clearly not asking for the full amount of the cost of inventory. For this reason, it is extremely important that you give as much as you can and share our story with others so that hopefully we can go above and beyond our goal.
INR 3,00,000 towards space rent and maintenance costs,
INR 60,000 initial infrastructure (book-shelves, water-filter, mattresses, and more)
INR 60,000 repairs to space and other surprise expenses
Which comes to INR 5,70,000  in  all
plus the various online fund-raising fees and taxes INR 63,000,
so in all INR 6,33,000
For more about us,  
we are 'bombay underground' on our facebook page  and  our instagram page
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20th May 2017
with  the  moneys  raised  so  far,  shifting  books  to  a  temporary  space,  and  getting  metal  bookcases,  thanks  thanks  to  all  who have  contributed  till  now !

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Would hate if your shop closes. Am helping with what I can. Also, will spread the word.

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