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Why am I fundraising?

Kuldeep Thakur, 51, was a professional taxi driver in the capital city of India. He signed up to drive on Uber about two months back to provide for his family. A high performing partner with a rating of 4.67, some of his previous feedback included positive notes like: 'Excellent service’, 'Great driver' and 'Good experience’.

When a routine cab ride chat cost a life

On April 6, 2016, Kuldeep started his day like any other day. Two teenagers had booked the cab around 4pm on to go to Hiran Kudna in west Delhi. On the way, they started making fun of the native place of Kuldeep, who hailed from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Thakur retaliated with some more jokes on the teenagers, who then shot him dead. End result - a family losing its breadwinner to a senseless, mindless crime.

Kuldeep, a native of Himachal Pradesh, lived in New Delhi with his wife and three children. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and his eldest daughter marriage is on the cards, Kuldeep’s nephew Jograj said. He said, Kuldeep had worked as driver for years and purchased his own car earlier this year. His family left for Himachal Pradesh for the last rites.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Kuldeep’s family is burdened by a car loan of Rs 5.6 lakhs. Until the car is released, there is no alternative source of income for the family. One small contribution from you can help this family during a difficult time. 

Any funds raised will be used to settle the car loan and towards the education of his children. All contributions will go directly towards Kuldeep’s family ensuring a secure future. Your little contribution can help his family during this difficult time. 

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5th December 2016
Dear supporters,
It has been 10 months since Kuldeep Thakur lost his life to a mindless crime. While  nothing can make up for the family’s loss, this fund raiser was aimed at easing some of their financial struggle. Today, we write this update with gratitude for your help and some good news!

The long standing car loan has been settled. The police agreed to release the official documents crucial in getting the loan settled. This car was Kuldeep's dream and the only means to provide for his family. Today, the family has complete ownership of the car. The damaged car seats have now been replaced. Soon, the family plans to rent it out for some steady income.
Also, we are happy to inform you that Kuldeep's daughter got married on December 2. The wedding date was fixed a month before Kuldeep passed away. The bride-to-be, Monika shared her wedding invitation with us. We wish the newly married couple  happiness and hope they get a good start to their new beginning.
Hukum Singh, one of Kuldeep's closest friends wanted to share the following message  with you.

"From washing cars for Rs 1.50 to actually owning one, Kuldeep had come a long way. The car meant sending money home, paying his children’s college and school fees, and saving enough for their marriages. I am missing him a lot today. I still remember how happy he was  the day the marriage was fixed. Today, his family has complete ownership of the car, Meekul’s and Sheetal’s (Kuldeep's children) course fees has been paid and Monika is getting married. None of this would have been possible without your contributions and support. Every loan, every bill has been taken care of and settled. This financial support is what gave us strength to pursue the release of the car. They would have lost every penny trying to settle the loan if not for your timely help. I am forever grateful for saving my friend's family from drowning in never-ending debt."

We thank you again for standing by Kuldeep and his family. You read their story, told your friends to support them, and helped them when they needed it most. Now the family is finally witnessing better days! It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for being you! 

Team Milaap 
11th August 2016
Dear Supporters,

Meena Devi, Kuldeep Thakur's wife and Monika (his daughter) will be travelling to Delhi next week to get started on the legal formalities. Bank needs original documents of RC book and license. Once the police officials hand it over to the family, the loan settlements proceedings will start. We will keep you posted on the proceedings in the coming weeks.

Thank you 
13th June 2016
We received a call from Monika, Kuldeep daughter today with the below update. 

Dear Supporters,

Kuldeep's car was released on 3 days ago. The car was kept in custody for forensic testing. With bullet marks and blood stains, the car needs to be given for servicing to change the seats and fix other damages. The family wants to fix the car on priority in the coming days.

However, the police officials have still not released the original RC and other relevant documents. So the bank proceedings have been stalled to settle the loan. Kuldeep's elder son, Meekul has his holidays going on. If the documents are released soon, he plans to drive tourists for short trips to Agra and around to earn little something. The family is hopeful to receive the documents in coming days.

Team Milaap

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