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Do it for the children!

Why am I fundraising?

This New Year's, we want to get 1000 orphans around Bangalore City meals from McDonald's. Some of us worked in an orphanage for some time and noticed that the kids there really loved McDonald's burgers. With A Thousand Smiling Faces, we're going to try and recreate the joy we saw on those kids' faces when they ate. You can read more about it on this blog post.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

The funds are going to go straight to McDonald's. They've already agreed to give us a 20% discount, but we still have to raise ₹88,000. As a tenth grade student, that's a fair bit outside my budget. We've got a bunch of orphanages to which we'll send the meals. I ask you, reader of this page, to donate as much as you can to the cause. It's ₹80 to the meal plus 10% processing fees and so on. It's up to you to decide how many smiles you want to create.


  • Why McDonald's?

        We chose McDonald's even though there are healthier, cheaper alternatives 
        on the grounds that on New Year's day, we want to give the kids a treat, not
        necessarily a nutritious meal which they would probably get otherwise anyway.

  • Who is the team?
        The team consists of several teenagers. We're going to go to each of the 
        orphanages and make sure that the burgers arrive. We're also going to get 
        plenty of pictures.

  • Where do I get updates about what's going on?
        We have a Facebook page here which we'll update regularly, so you'll always know what we're up to.

  • How do I know that my money is going where you're saying it is?
        You don't. At least, not until after the event. Once the event is 
        over, we'll release a set of accounts showing that the money has gone
        where we say it will. 

Ask for an update
22nd March 2016
We raised over a lakh and the meals themselves cost us ₹86,500 (McDonald's gave us a 20%discount on the grounds that it was charity). Me and my friends plan to distribute more burgers with the rest of the money once our board exams are over. 

The project involved over 20 of my friends (and friends' friends) and 15 orphanages. We had at least one person at 14 of the 15 orphanages. We were there in order to help with the delivery and the distribution (and get some pictures for you). 
When I initially spoke to McDonald's, I had asked for a burger, fries, a bottle of water (because many of the orphanages were against fizzy drinks) and a toy. What they turned up with was the burger and fries, iced tea, toys, colouring books, balloons and paper crowns. For the most part, they were also incredibly punctual. 
We were able to make 1085 children smile. Rishi Sudhir, one of the volunteers, and his parents decided that even the staff of the orphanage deserved a treat for New Years Day and spontaneously ordered 20 extra burgers for them. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and made this whole thing possible, as well. Thank you for helping us create 1K:).

Some stats of that day:
  • 1085 meals
  • 15 orphanages
  • 24 volunteers (including 6 parents)
  • 12 McDonald's outlets
  • Over ₹94,000 collected.
25th December 2015
We're nearly 3/4 of the way there! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far. We've currently only got 785 children. You can take a look at the list here. If you know of an orphanage that you think we ought to deliver to, just leave a comment on the spreadsheet. Please leave contact details so we can actually call them and make sure they're OK with it. For more regular updates, you can check out our Facebook page here.

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Abhinav donated Rs.2,500
over 2 years ago

Hello Ritvik - Abhinav and family here - I know you have already crossed the Rs. 88000 but am still contributing so you could do more than what you have set out to achieve - God bless

Priya donated Rs.1,000
over 2 years ago
Mukul donated Rs.5,000
over 2 years ago

Good work Ritvik. Keep it up. Mukul Doctor

Supriya donated Rs.1,000
over 2 years ago
Harish donated Rs.1,200
over 2 years ago

Great idea! Next time, desi junk food instead. Harish

Ram donated US $25
over 2 years ago