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Our shared vision is to establish a self reliant , caring and sustainable community.Let us Create a Life together
  • A.Self Reliance in terms of  basic needs: 1. Food & Water, 2. Shelter, 3. Clothing, 4. Healthcare, 5. Energy,
    B. Interdependence and Harmony- Individual members of a community revive and practice traditions of interdependence, and follow the ethics of Permaculture ,Harmony with Nature and Man.

    C.Respect for Man, Animal and Environment.

  • Sustainable Eco Community---
After traveling through rural India for more than seven years, in the August of 2016, I started living in a different remote villages in India, One of them is Dubbar Village in Umaria Madhya Pradesh, it has number of Sal tree plants ,sal tree support ectomycorrhiza fungi,this fungi has symbiotic relationship with plant roots,during rainy season lot of edible fungi grow around this tree, Aromatic oleo-resin gum exuded from stem used to cure cancer, tumour, tubercles, carbuncle, skin infections, syphilis and gonorrhoea; also used as and stimulant. The resin of shorea robusta (sal tree)is regarded as astringent and detergent and is used in dysentery, and for fumigations, plasters etc.So this tree help in Sustainabilty in many ways. Second village is  Dhesai Madhya Pradesh ,this area is called dry region of India though it get adequate rainfall almost 1000 mm in a year.In this village most of farmers are generally poor they take hardly one crop of paddy only and land remain uncultivated for rest of year.Living in the village we find lot of opportunities of food forest here,Here Date Palm,Pomegranate,apple ber,Mango,Custard apple ,Pistachio nut can be grown and add to income of farmer thus leading to sustainability,Last year we dig our ponds,three ponds two have dried but in one(to our surprise water has maintained its  level till end of year.So this year it seems it will be full of water throughout the year,we are making a village well and we hope to get water at 25 feet as some of village well are full of water at this depth,this well has been dug upto 10 ft depth and work has ceased due to lack of fund. Another village we are focussing is   Atale, Mandangad Taluka, it  the  high rainfall  area of Maharastra state in India,yet most of farmer has left farming and gone to big cities like Mumbai,Pune in search of employment.

We have  planted Mango,Cashew on this area,we find mango and cashew tree require least care and survive best in this climate,we have to made a mud house small one in this village.

Being set up in more than 10 acres of land, our community shall be protype  of an Abundant village, being built by the villagers, for the villagers. It will be a center for learning, practice, demonstration and dissemination of the knowledge on how any community in this region can organize itself to be Socially cohesive, Ecologically sustainable manner..

How you can help
We are demonstrating natural farming by setting up a model farm of 3 acres ,we shall adopt Subash Palekar and Bhaskar Save model. Our community is currently in need of funding to support the Rain Water Harvesting Ponds on the model farm. The earthworks enhance the water holding capacity of the land, and allow intensely productive bio-diversity to thrive.These Ponds will used to grow azolla and fish.We shall integrate it with Native Poultry breed and Fresh Water Pearl Culture.
We shall generate some income with integrated farming ,this will help the return to youth  back to the village.
Why do we need a demonstrative Eco community?
The glamorization of urban life is robbing the villages off their youth. The rich traditional knowledge suddenly has no takers, and the keepers of the same are dying. Stuck in the current paradigms of consumption driven growth, rural India is getting dangerously close to becoming intellectually bankrupt... The loss of this knowledge is reducing the self-reliant “providers” into helpless “consumers”.

Just in case you are interested in the Story
I quit my city job being fed up of  corporate culture. This decision gave me the opportunity to explore the country I called mine, but never knew much about. I then traveled for more than seven years across rural India.
 Let's  Create A Life Together

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27th June 2018
We made 3 RWH ponds with one is successful it has maintained water till end of year before monsoon month of June/July,so other two pond need renovation, further we have dug a village well upto 10 ft depth only , it will be completed after monsoon is over,now we like take some plantation work in monsoon session
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