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Why am I fundraising?

A few days ago, I was sitting there staring at my laptop, completely hopeless about what I should do to be independent and happy and there popped an advertisement about Milaap the crowdfunding platform and although this isn't me and I have always shunned anything that required me to ask for help- I figured I really don't have anything to lose and I can give it a try. Sometimes asking for help is exactly what may help you.

I launched in 2013 out of love for food and travels. And although initially it was just an outlet for my creativity and documentation of my experiences, the blog turned into a portfolio for me that fetched me jobs from various travel and food websites and magazines. However being someone who loves her own creative freedom, I started to see potential in the website and in my ideas and really want to make the website something big.

My aim for the blog has always been a city by city depiction of the offbeat things you can do in that particular place. Being someone who cannot spend the day at home, I have always ventured out to understand more about the people, the culture and how food plays such a pivotal role in every community. The website won't just have write ups but with a little help from your side, I can launch full videos that can help travelers trust a place better and get an in depth understanding of the city.

While working for the blog one night, I was returning from a late review of a restaurant in Delhi, carrying my newly bought DSLR. I loved the camera so much that it even had its own name, but that night, two men on a motorcycle snatched my bag and rode away while I stood there in utter horror, without a clue of what to do next. Needless to say I was shattered, started suffering from anxiety and even after trying to save for the last two years, I haven't been able to raise the money.

I am not asking you to pay my travel expenses, buy me a fancy phone or be my life sponsor; I am only trying to raise a lakh to buy me some semi professional equipments that can help me feature my documentation of the cities in a better way. Those will not just make my website professional but also help me fetch better jobs to carry forward my mission in enabling throughthelanes to become a go to website for every food and culture lover and expats deciding on India as their home. I can take care of my other expenses through my freelance writing and doing some social media marketing for certain establishments.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

1. It is very important I invest in a semi professional camera. I have been managing with borrowed phones that has good camera. 

2. Work with some freelancers to generate content
3. Start our videography content for the website to give a better insight into my vision.


You can know more about the project and if you can't help me monetarily, you can always help me with your services. Feel free to drop me a mail at and I will get back ASAP.
Also check out my blog-
This may sound like a vague project but this is an attempt to show how beautiful our country truly is and travels can be simpler than thought.
Yes, I can work and try to earn this money myself but my salary isn't enough to cover that besides, time is ticking and I am tired of waiting around to push this project out!

I will be forever grateful if you do decide to help me out!

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