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Let’s Build The First Agriculture School For Girls.
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The Good Harvest School is an initiative by young individuals from diverse fields who aim at providing green education to village-girls and nurture them with values and competencies to become responsible food growers in the future.

At The Good Harvest School the girls are given education beyond just books. The school being nestled amidst farm fields provides ample of opportunities to learn from the natural surroundings and breaks the monotony of being restricted within four walls of the classroom.  Basic education, agriculture lessons and co-curricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum. The Good Harvest School is bringing quality education to young girls in rural Unnao and giving them a fair chance to learn and grow.

Need of the hour: An Agricultural Based Education 

In 1989, the government released its first report on India’s women workers in the unorganised sector, of which agriculture forms an overwhelming majority. The findings stated that 85 percent of employees in the farm sector were women, be it as cultivators or daily-wage labourers. The report also discovered that women were equal toilers in traditionally men’s activities like transplanting, harvesting and threshing paddy, treading pulses and breaking stones. They did this in addition to performing their socially assigned roles of child-rearing and household chores. But to the Census, they were just ‘housewives’.

Agriculture is not a male dominated field anymore. It is actually women who often outdo men. From selecting seeds, preparing and sowing to transplanting the seedlings, applying manure and then harvesting, winnowing and threshing, women work harder and longer on the field than men. Yet, we fail to recognize their hard work. The Good Harvest School is a small and a long-term effort to groom young girls from the farming community to make right choices from the beginning.

The Good Harvest School is the first green school where girls get to learn regular subjects as well as extensive lessons on sustainable agriculture.

Our Journey Is No Less Than A Miracle. 

In 2016, the school started with 6 girls and today we have more than 45 students. From being non-school goers to becoming regular to school, our students have come a long way. They have shown tremendous progress in all areas and have emerged confident and expressive, they show readiness to learn and embrace a novel concept with ease. Their lives are a beautiful story of challenges and hope; they show immense enthusiasm and determination to be present at school every day.

All of this happened because many of you supported us. Our journey started with an idea and you believed in it. We are growing gradually and becoming stronger in our mission to bring quality education to young rural girls without any fee. In 2018 we took a pledge to become 100% sustainable before 2022 relying on agricultural income and not on donations. We believe that agriculture can sustain not only a family but an entire school as well. But in doing so we need your help.

How we will use funds?

1. This year we are determined to build classrooms and develop basic amenities for the girls like proper toilets and playground. We will be building 3000 Sq ft of area. And largely it is dedicated to building classrooms, and to get it approved from the Government of Uttar Pradesh we need classroom according to their building guidelines and sizes. And roughly Rs.1150/- is the cost per sq ft of construction. We are trying our best to use sustainable building materials like mud and bamboo to bring the overall cost down.

2. Our next immediate need is to get a mini bus. We will be able to serve more girls in need if we can arrange for a bus. Currently we use a small car to pick 40 girls from 5 villages. And considering the fuel prices and number of trips, it is economical for us to invest in a mini bus for the longer run.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information on how we will be using your support. And how with just Rs.1150 we can build an entire school. We would be happy to share it.

Dear friends,

It's always a joy for me to write on behalf of the school. We have entered into the fourth year and it's amazing to look back. So many incredible stories and memories we have. Education is and perhaps the only option to empower our society especially girls. In a short 3 years of our teachings all our students pushed themselves hard and performed well. We are in awe with their learning skills and enthusiasm. And for everything we have to thank you. Your kind contributions helped us continue. Now we are motivated to aim for the next 20 years. We are gearing up to build proper classrooms and basic amenities, with this new campaign we are raising funds for the construction and a mini bus. We are hopeful that we could continue to get your support. I am also excited to announce that by 2022 we are aiming to be 100% self sufficient. What it means is post that we will be fully independent without any external support system. We are hopeful.

Please continue to support us. We are on a right path, and with your support we can make sustainable change in our region.

Thanks again.
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