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Help Fund Lifesaving Surgeries for Stray Cats
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80G tax benefits for INR donations



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The Feline Foundation is an animal welfare NGO that was founded in 2017 by a group of creative cat enthusiasts. We are committed to improving the conditions of thousands of ownerless cats that live on the streets of Versova.

Our work involves performing sterilizations on stray cats to reduce their population, giving medical treatment to injured stray cats, organizing feeding programs, teaching feline first aid workshops, and raising awareness of stray cat needs. To date, we have rescued 869 cats, performed 504 sterilizations, administered first aid to 222 cats on site, and found homes for 556 stray cats in need. A huge plus point is that we recently received our 80G certificate, which means all monetary donations made towards The Feline Foundation are eligible for tax deductions!

At the moment we have 6 stray cats undergoing urgent medical intervention. We need all of your help in raising funds to cover the costs for their treatments and other expenses, such as food, medicines and vaccinations. No amount is too little, and no effort is too small! Every donation will go solely to helping the cats and we will keep you updated on their recovery.

Here are the cats you’ll be supporting and the breakdown for their care:-


Age: 2 years
Strengths: Lots of fluff, Sass
Hobbies: Cuddling with teddy bears
Mishka is a lovable, fluffy girl who we came across during our sterilization drive in Versova. Mishka had a deeply infected wound in her right eye. Unfortunately the infection worsened despite our treatment and was starting to spread to the surrounding tissue. Since the eye could not be saved, and to protect the healthy eye from infection, removal of the affected eye via surgery was the only option. 
Mishka’s eye surgery: Rs. 9,000/-


Age: 6 years
Strengths: Expert cuddler
Hobbies: Finding nearest comfy lap to sleep
Onyx is a sweet, senior cat that had very severe gingivitis, a disease that causes inflammation in the gums and is common among street cats. The condition of Onyx’s teeth had deteriorated such that it was preventing him from properly eating. As a result, he lost a lot of weight and became malnourished, further worsening his condition on the streets. Although Onyx required a full dental extraction, he was too weak to go through surgery when he first came to us. We helped him get back to a healthy weight so that he was fit enough to go under anesthesia. After a few weeks of recuperation, Onyx was ready for the procedure. One of many irresistible things about Onyx is the way his tongue sticks out when he's sleeping.
His dental extraction surgery: Rs. 5000/-


Age: 1 year
Strengths: Vocal range, Fashionable Tie
Hobbies: Opening doors by throwing himself against them
Tao came to us in a malnourished condition with a massive maggot-infested wound on his leg. Unfortunately, the wound had already become gangrenous and his leg eventually had to be amputated. Tao also had painful teeth due to gingivitis, requiring the removal of two decayed teeth. Tao has a large and attention-demanding personality that immediately stole our hearts.
His amputation surgery: Rs. 5,000/-
His dental extraction surgery: Rs. 5000/-
Post-operative care for two months: Rs. 9850/-
Food for two months: Rs. 8400/-


Age: 1.5 years
Strengths: Office desk warmer
Hobbies: Rubbing against his favourite humans’ legs for pets
Walley and his sister came to us when their original owners sadly passed away in an accident. They were lucky enough to be found by another NGO, World For All, who asked if we could take them on board and get them adopted. The siblings did get adopted, but the adoption was not a good fit, and so Walley and his sister came back to us. Unfortunately, the strain of these rapid life changes caused Walley to develop stress-induced gingivitis. To treat the gingivitis, Walley required partial dental extraction. Walley is a strong kitty with one of the best smiley faces you'll ever see.
His dental extraction surgery: Rs. 5000/-


Age: 8 months
Strengths: Attention-Seeker. 
Hobbies: Climbing onto high shelves 
Winston is a very loving cat who can often be found screaming at his humans for attention. Winston was rescued from a garbage landfill with his three siblings. Similar to Wall-E, Winston sadly also developed stress-induced gingivitis. The pain in his teeth caused him to avoid eating as a result of which Winston lost a lot of weight. Winston slowly recovered at The Feline Foundation until he was ready for his dental extraction. 
His dental extraction surgery: Rs. 5000/-


Age: 7 months
Strengths: Incredibly independent 
Hobbies: Stealing catnip, Attacking crinkly toys
Zatoichi was found as a young kitten by a staff member prowling on the streets of Versova. On closer inspection, he found the kitten to be completely missing both eyes. Although she was otherwise healthy, her open eye sockets were at risk of getting infected, and the risk would only increase as she grew in size. Zatoichi needed surgery to close both eye sockets. Even without her vision, Zatoichi is incredibly independent and insists on doing everything herself without help. 
Her eye surgery: Rs. 8,500/-

De-flea, deworming, medicated bath: Rs. 1500/-
Rabies Vaccination: Rs. 240/-
Syringes: Rs. 510/-
Food for 7 days (except Tao): Rs. 7000/-
TOTAL: Rs. 9250/-

Every little bit counts - even Rs. 50 makes a difference! Thank you so much for helping us support these cats and giving them a chance at a better life.

Under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, monetary donations made to The Feline Foundation are eligible for tax deductions.

(Again, don't forget to claim your donation towards this fundraiser! Thank you!!)

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