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Support to End child labor by providing quality education and food.

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About one in six Indian city residents lives in an urban slum with unsanitary conditions that are "unfit for human habitation,
According report (National Building Organisation, Ministry Of housing And Urban Poverty alleviation)
No. of slums are:-
 5.4% of total population
17.4% of urban population
The census report identified 13.8 million households — about 64 million people — located in city slums nationwide. That's 17.4 per cent of all urban households, which account for roughly one-third of India's 1.2 billion people.
With increasing urbanization, urban migration has led to a serious problem of increase in urban slums. These urban poor usually consist of semi-skilled or unskilled labour. The poor condition of these urban poor in slum areas is mainly due to their inability to compete with skilled labour class and afford a decent standard of living. Most slum children go to schools where teaching standards are low and classrooms are seriously under-equipped. As slum children grow up, parental pressure to leave school and start work increases, and the vast majority of young people leave school by the age of 16. Among slum residents, the most common belief about higher education – or even completing school -is that it’s a waste of time and money. Because of this, The educational level of Slum residents in India is very low and there is an urgent need to improve the educational attainment level of Urban poor for better economic growth. Various schemes have been introduced by government in this regard. However, only few of them have been successful.
As I, Sushil Kumar Meena done B.Tech in civil Engineering From HBTI Kanpur , currently working  as Senior section engineer in Indian Railways belong to Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh started to provide free education to end child labour from my Home Town. I saw families of  many labours under my construction projects. They are mainly migrated from different states, they don’t have permanent place or home. Their family suffers a lot as after completion of work they have to shifted another place in search of work. With work their home also get shifted. In this whole process their children suffers a lot they want to educate their children but they cant. The same situation we can see in Ghaziabad. We all know Ghaziabad is one of the most developing city of India. Construction of high rise buildings, Roads, Bridges etc are in full swing. The working labour class of these project facing the same problem. To help these people we started our journey. We have surveyed where ever we can. We have list of 2150 children, who if given chance are ready to go to schools but due to their unfortunate situations and negligence of their parents they are either working in a small age, have become beggars, children who are school dropouts or children who either have never gone to school and working with their parents.
Today we are running 8 centre’s having 1752 students in Ghaziabad. We provide school education to these children as maximum of them are working so we arrange classes according to their situation - from morning to evening till 9 pm at our centres, so that they can get education while working.

How We Started??? What we are doing???
In 2013 I started preparing students (of economically background) for Gov. job Exams. At starting I had 2 students and thereafter increased to 15. One day, in a get-together with old college friends I shared my work and idea. One of My friends Ms. Taruna Vidhay, (also Done in computer science from HBTI Kanpur) currently working as Manager In Union Bank of India, also doing the same work and from there we planned to open a proper study centre and expanded our work. With the Name “NIRMAAN” Coaching Sansthan we started our First Free Coaching come Counselling centre for all Ews and Needy Students, in this center we provide free books stationaries, learning material etc.
There after we started providing classes to school dropout/working children too. But with job it is very difficult to both of us. But our students (govt. job asprints) help us and they themselves took part in our cause.
In 2015, we registered our Association as Nirbhed Foundation. And today with our volunteers we are providing school education to 1752 students.
Currently we Are running Project “Nirmaan” an  initiative by Nirbhed Foundation. We run 8 small roadside school. We are trying to educate them nevertheless by providing free course books, notebooks, drawing and craft books, stationery items etc…also provide cloths and make sure they don't fall sick by providing free medical facilities. Even we provide Medical assistance for their parents too.
Due to their poor family conditions maximum of childrens are not going to school and they work along with their parents and apart from earning they also do home making. This full time tight work schedule repel them from studying. For this problem Ms Taruna Vidhay Suggested to Provide Meal System for them we have initiated a campaign where we have for now, selected 150 bright students whom we provide day meal so that they do not skip classes (as their parents go to work and they have to work at home and take care of their siblings etc). Their parents also feel less burdened about their child. But still we have 1602 more students.

Why we need Fund???
Our campaign aim to provide quality Education, quality Food and to eliminate child labour. The urgency of situation is due to encroachment by these people in Vaishali, Indirapuram, Vasundhara areas of Ghaziabad. Govt. Notice have been given to the people of this slum area to vacate this place within three months. Thus, we need funds to provide their children school, hostel and medical facilities at one place so that their study cannot get affected by their parent’s migration(due to construction site) and for that we have started by already taking a place on rent of space around 3000 sq ft
Therefore we need funds for :
Rent of premises : 30000/-*12 = 360000/-
Books/Copies and Stationery = 500000/-
Electric Equipment = 5000/-
Furniture (chair, table, board , racks etc)=218000/-
One time Food for 450 children = 2400000/-(for an year)
6 Computers = 6*15000= 90000/-
Projector = 2*30000 = 60000/-
The above funds are estimated for one year.

Some of our centers:-

Quality food for healthy life:-


Some of our student at their home but unfortunately they have to leave this place:-

Media Coverage:-

Help these children of slum area
Help these children of slum area
These children need proper place to sit....
These children need proper place to sit....
Adoption of small school coverage
Adoption of small school coverage
Navbharat Times Ghaziabad 8/7/17
Navbharat Times  Ghaziabad 8/7/17
Artical Published in Navbharat Times 05/01/2018
Artical Published in Navbharat Times 05/01/2018
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24th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your valuable support and contributions without which I would have never made it this long… from last three months I was very busy in my office (Railway) Duties, I m sorry for the late update.
As I told u earlier apart from studies we arrange extracurricular activities also like yoga classes dance classes etc…..we are providing them each possible facilities to study and grow well. On international yoga Day, 21st june 2018 we got invitation from Ministry of Culture, Government of India for participation in international yoga day contest organized by National Science Center at its  New Delhi center. I am very happy to announce that our students Aslam khan And Sunil Verma  Grabs 1st and 2nd Price...It's a proud moment for us as these are our students.....Whatever happened is all done with the help of you all.

Sunil And Aslam Receiving prize.

As I told you more than 95% of our students are school droupouts or students who never went to apart from education we are trying to provide  each and every thing that a school going student id cards school dress, water bottles. school bags to complete this, on 15th july 2018 we organise and celebrate whole day as sports, fun and cultural day for them, as annual day of our foundation.
i am uploading some of the performances of our students.

classes are going in full swing.....Students are performing very well...they are improving day by day......we have got 54 new enrolment at our shakti khand-4 indrapuram center.

we are unable to manage the food part due to lack of Funds.....Nirbhed Foundation Never took Monitory help from anybody except "Milaap".
our project/ work(mainly food part) is totally dependent on your support as my salary and support from my friends is not enough to manage daily Meal for these children.
so it is my request to all of you Please keep supporting this campaign so that we can help these children and give them a bright future.
Serve Human Serve God

Sushil Kumar Meena 
20th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your valuable support. Our children are improving a lot each day passing....they are very happy as they now have a proper place to study....apart from studies we arrange extra curricular activities also ...they are actively participate in each and every activity.we are providing them each possible facilities to study and grow well. Children are very happy to get a school like environment.
i am uploading some video that show how talented these childrens

Please keep supporting this campaign so that we can help these children and give them a bright future.
Serve Human Serve God

Sushil Kumar Meena

8th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your valuable support. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Our children are improving a lot each day passing and we are providing them each possible facilities to study and grow well. Children are very happy to get a school like environment (studying in 3bhk flat) with proper school uniform, school bags, school id card ,carrying water bottles etc…they call it a school. Therefore ,we gave a name to our place and started “NIRBHED SHIKSHALAYA”- a free school to all” .

And good news is- that about 120 new children have been enrolled recently. We are glad to share the changes we are able to make with your help.

Routine Work/ Work done:
1. Providing them nutritional food/fruits and snacks each day
2. Distributed school Bags and bottles to all students so that they can store cold water in summer.
3. We have bought a computer and printer to provide digital classes and printouts.
4. Bought cooler (as we teach around 100 children at a time in our rented flat which used to make the space suffocated).
5. Bought some utensils to store and distribute food to them.
6. Bought an Invertor and a Battery.
7. Stationery items and Books etc.
Work to be done witin few days :
1. Deep freezer to store food (as food is getting wasted due to high temperature)
2. Water Cooler (as water bottle (Rs30/20lit and around 7 bottles per day) expense has increased a lot in last month)
3. Want to provide admission to our 18 best students(class 7th 8th and 9th) in school who completed course as per their age now it is the time to send them school so that they get academic qualification too.

Please keep supporting this campaign so that we can help these children and give them a bright future.
Serve Human Serve God

Sushil Kumar Meena

Classes @ "Nirbhed Shikshalaya"

Classes @ SK4 Center

 Distribution of food:-

Computer Classes:

Yoga Classes:-

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