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Waste to Energy Project - Support
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Please spread the awareness that we can do this very efficiently by using waste to make electricity, preventing our water getting contaminated with toxic pollutants from the garbage through soil,  air and  dumping waste! 
Thank you!
Achieving many goals with one project!

We receive so much! and we have the Responsibly protect It!! What can we do is to return to our motherland and the earth with love ❤️?!!!  Just keep her clean,  green and natural!!

The Plan: 
  • Complete use of waste to generate power (electricity)! And eliminate waste completely!
  • To decrease and stop the rising health problems! 
  • How long and how many people are we going to continue to become victims of cancers, genetic diseases and health problems?
  • We will not be able to help make li easy by giving the one-time help to suffering  patients because they will find it hard to face the challenges after, if they recover, losing their time, money and emotional pain!
  • We must prevent because it is better than cure. 
  • It very urgent! We have to start now so that we can prevent problems beginning now !
  • we are ensuring a secure environment and a healthy future for our children and the next generation!
  • When we make a change, for the better or for the worse in one area of the world 🌎,  it has a ripple effect,  and the difference is felt on the global level!  Just like a pandemic!!
  • So wherever you are you can help make the difference! It’s a boomerang 🪃 that will return to you with a reward!
  • Returning the fertile, enriched and pollutant-free natural fertilizer to the soil, farmers and household gardening. 
We are helping you get there! But we need your help first to get into it!

Please note: This is not a project which should be mistaken with the scrap collection of bottles , paper, plastic and metal for sales as we see everywhere!

How we propose to achieve this goal:
1. Truly managing waste means leaving no "further waste":
The solution? Turning it into a completely useful resources, namely, electricity And fertilizers.
2. Techniques:
carefully sorting and using techniques to generate electricity from non biodegradable waste and converting biodegradable waste into natural organic  fertilizer. 
3. The need to eliminate waste:
We focus on how to totally eliminate waste without leaving residues and allowing harmful, toxic gases and Particulate Matter (PM), into the environment!
5. Sustainability of the project:
Research studies show that it will take us more than 200 years to clean up the waste! And we continually generate Waste in everyday processes both naturally and more by us human activities, on the individual level and  through the industrial activities! We cannot stop it. But we have to deal with it responsibly. 
6. Reclaiming and restoring:
we are using much of the spaces within our cities to dump garbage and losing valuable space for utilization in providing commercial & domestic purposes. the only way is to ensure that we come up with a method to eliminate any chance of accumulation of garbage.
7. What must be your responsibility And reaction:
It's been our innate nature to respond when we see dire need, potential harm and a sense of ownership & pride for both our Homes, native-land and nation!  
Let this drive boost you to help us dig into addressing the annoying problem that needs as many willing people to involve in resolving this alongside the initiative of the government.
Let's pitch in and do it!

Your small contributions will make the big difference! 

Use and management of funds:
please find attached a copy of the requirements and budgets for which this amount is bing raised.
Click here for the details of the  Budget and requirement

About me:
Please look for my persona profieand information in the documents. 

We hope to continue this journey together to make our homes, Neighborhoods, communities, cities, nation and  the earth a cleaner, greener and habitable  “home”!  After all, this is the only planet we have for a home!

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