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Gumpha 2020 | Educational fundraiser | Urban slum area | Mumbai
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Education is the best form of service. And what if a small contribution from your side can help us to create an environment of holistic education for every child, with opportunities like experiential learning, personality development, leadership development and workshops for co-curricular development. Won’t it be great if, with an input as small as a movie ticket from your side, you can bring a very big difference in a child’s life? What if with just ₹5000, you can give a brighter future to at least 10 kids?

We, Vivek Kaushik and Alria Monteiro, fellows at Teach for India, joined the fellowship last year and are currently teaching forty 10th graders at a municipality school in Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai.

Before we share what we are trying to achieve in our class, we want to share some amazing stories of some of the most amazing students.

First story is about Pooja, Ansh, Raghvendra, Aakash and Vivek.

These students have been supported by Teach for India teachers since 3rd grade. But they were not happy with this because they wanted every child to get quality education. Therefore, they decided to take this responsibility and now they have started supporting 200 other students both in terms of academics as well as co curricular activities.

They teach them, mentor them and train them to be the future leaders so that this initiative can work sustainably.

Second story is about Aarish, Suraj and Tausif.
They have never stepped into a science lab but this did not stop these young geniuses to explore the world of science.

Now these aspiring engineers and scientists have decided to ensure that students in Mumbai don’t miss out on such opportunities.
Therefore, they are planning to conduct science fairs where students from government schools and other low income private schools will be invited to experience the world of science. Along with that, they are also working on conducting workshops for all the interested students so that they can try their hands on scientific models.

Third story is about Zeeshan, Rehan, Dilshad, Khushal and Saniya.
They find peace and joy in art. They express themselves through dance, music, drama and painting.

They realised that various arts and associated co curricular activities can create a very soothing effect on the heart and mind of those kids who are coming from the underprivileged communities. And therefore they decided to create a platform where all the interested children from such communities can come, participate and learn from one another.

These kids are running a learning platform “Talent traders” where they create such learning opportunities for everyone in the school. Then these kids are planning to conduct a cultural fair for the students across the Mumbai city so that the talented students can showcase their skills at a bigger platform.

So together, these super smart student leaders are reaching out to more than 250 students at present and envision to impact more than 1000 students by the end of the academic year.

We, Gumpha team (40 students of Xth grade and their 2 teachers), are diligently working towards this goal and seek your support for the same.

We believe that quality education is incomplete without value based education and whatever structures we are working upon, we always encourage the values of
1. Open mindedness (through the development of scientific curiosity and exposure to social realities as well as opportunities)
2. Empathy (through exposure to various social discriminations)
3. Ownership (by giving them opportunities to lead and prosper)
4. Visionary (by giving them opportunities to think, to dream, to experiment and to fail) and
5. Honesty (by being honest with them and by considering them partners and not just the receivers)

So if you agree with our ideas or support structures, come help us in creating a better tomorrow. A tomorrow in which we don’t complain about the issues and the problems in our surroundings but rather find solutions for the same. 

You are welcome to help us in any of the following ways.

1.     Donation (If you want to donate for a particular cause from the above mentioned initiatives, kindly let us know by any means of communication you would prefer)
2.     By giving us your valuable suggestions through either email or telephonic conversations.
3.     By volunteering with these students and by helping them to make their initiatives more impactful.
4.     By monitoring the performance of our students and their structures
5.     By spreading this message to as many people as possible either by forwarding this message or by promoting us on various social media channels.

And as far as the break up for the expenses are concerned, 

  1. ₹3,00,000 would be used for running the community centre (free academic coaching) for 300 students of Gumpha school (That will be just ₹1000 per student for the whole academic year)
  2. ₹1,50,000 would be used for running some co-curricular structures and science workshops across the Mumbai city for at least 1000 students to ensure their holistic development. (That will be just ₹150 per student for the whole academic year, as small as a cup of coffee)
  3. ₹20,000 would be used towards infrastructural development of the school (Paint work, furniture, etc)
  4. ₹30,000 would be used towards the community development programmes for the slum areas of Jogeshwari community (Student led projects such as '100 women', 'Ujala' for eliminating gender discrimination; 'Jannat' for encouraging communal harmony, etc.)

Please reach out to us for any query or suggestion.

Vivek Kaushik (M: 6383362350)
Alria Monteiro (M: 9619790510)

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