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Campus For Free Education Of 125+ Students
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Realising the need of a better education system in India and perseverance of India’s ancient vedic knowledge, Vedic Gyan Sanrakshan (Trust) started Shri Kapileshwar Vedic Gurukulam in Jun.'19 on a rented Ashram built on the bank of River Gomti in Borumau Village Lucknow.  

The Objective
            Gurukul is providing a blend of modern and vedic education to children so that children can have the best of both the worlds - spiritual and material. It provides knowledge of Vedas, Upnishadas, Sanskrit Sahitya, Sanskrit Grammar, Nyay Sashtra, Vedant, Yog, Maths, Science, English, Geography, General Awareness and more. Target is to cover Asht-vikrati education of all shakhas of Ved. As of now, there is no such Gurukul in North India. Long term aim is to cover all the shakhas of Vedas.    
There are six main objectives of this Gurukul:-
  1. To empower children with vedic as well as modern education and build a strong character in them and ensure that they can easily adapt to the modern environment after completing education.
  2. To provide well educated professionals to the society who are rooted in Dharma and who, at individual level, can become idols in their respective fields.
  3. To become a benchmark for Gurukuls by becoming financially self-sustaining, that is, Atmanirbhar.
  4. To become a medium of channelising vedic-knowledge for all seekers.
  5. To preserve and make accessible the teachings of Ved, Upnishadas etc. and the associated knowledge and teaching systems which are becoming extinct.
  6. To prepare Dharmic scholars who can participate in modern scholarly debates and rebut in scholarly fashion various defamatory myths being propagated about Bharat’s ancient culture, our shastras, our deities and mahapurushas at the national and global level.
Removing corruption and making a better society is our indirect objective. We have a firm belief that if well-educated and honest people having knowledge of Bharat’s ancient heritage and values lead important positions in the private and public sector then corruption will reduce and eventually, in the long run, the whole Nation stands to gain from the contributions of such people.

About the founder - Acharya Dr. Paras Mani Sharma
PH.D, Rigved(BHU, Varanasi)
M.A. /Acharya-Rigved (Gold medalist, BHU, Varanasi)
B.A. / Shastri-Rigved (Sampoornanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi)        
He has in-dept knowledge of Rig Veda, Vedic rites and Vedic Puja procedures. He also knows Astrology, Palmistry and, last but not the least, Yog. Since early years of his education, he had a vision to open Gurukuls which provides high quality vedic scholars to the modern society.  Later after completing his studies, he had opportunity to shift to Singapore and USA but he had a clear vision of staying in India, and remove myths/doubts/misperceptions from society and propagate the Vedic knowledge.

Where have we reached so far?
There are 25 students who are getting absolutely free residential education under this initiative. All these students belong to financially deprived families. They are residing inside Gurukul campus along with five teachers, two cooks and three general staff.  Complete expenses for the students including education, books, copies, stationeries, clothes and food are borne by the trust.
Few months back, we started Desi Cow Gaushala (A2 dairy milk project). Purpose is to promote desi cow milk (A2 milk) and consequently generate more funds to meet prospective increased day-to-day expenses. At present, we have 12 desi cows and 9 desi calf/bull who are being treated with love like a family member and served with healthy own grown organic food.
Trust’s current funding is partially through small donation from a network of supporters and partly through selling A2 Milk to Lucknow households.        

What’s stopping us?
We are getting 100s of admission requests every month but we are unable to accept them because of shortage of funds and basic infrastructure. In fact we don’t have adequate infrastructural to meet current requirement. We need to build Computer Room, Library, Conference hall, Store rooms, Kitchen. Office room, Class rooms, Student’s residence, teacher’s residence, Working staff rooms, Utilities, Gaushala, Gaushala stores, Agricultural land for desi cow chara and more.            

Further to add, we have been asked to vacate the current premises on short notice which has made the situation worst. Current premises was given to us on mutual verbal agreement. We were not prepared for this problem We have managed to buy land for Gurukul and now we have to raise fund to build the minimum required infrastructure else we have to shut down the Gurukul leaving our 24 kid’s education on midway

What is our plan?
In order to expand and take more students, we have two challenges right now
  • Meet increased operational expenses, and
  • Have a better infrastructure.
In order to meet increased operational cost, we have planned to gradually increase number of desi cows and reach desired fund generation by delivering A2 Milk to more households, consequently increasing our support network base for donations. In parallel, we will also work on other income sources from Gaushala Gaumutra and items(wood alternatives, diya, bricks,cement etc.) made from desi cow dung.

For infrastructure expansion, we have recently bought a 1.35 lac square feet of land and want to build an infrastructure which can accommodate 125+ students in first phase of development.  
We can manage operational expenses through Gaushala but for infrastructural development we need huge financial support as the target of first phase is also significant. We will develop an educational cum residential infrastructure to accommodate a team a 150+ people. Once we are done with phase one, we will build a Maha Laxmi Temple and Yagyashala inside campus.  
 We are praying for donation so that we can develop adequate infrastructure for Vedic education, start accepting new admissions and expand our curriculum. If a person donates for complete room/hall/building then, and that room/hall/building will be named as per the donor’s wish. If someone donates full amount then building will be named after the name suggested by donor. Please note that all donations should be in favor of Vedic Gyan Sanrakshan Trust and in below account only.

Social ConnectsAddress & contact details
Shri Kapileshwar Vedic Gurukulam, c/o Shri Dhaam, Gopramau Village, near Raniamau border, Lucknow UP India 226104 Email:, Call: +91-9457545588 Visit:

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