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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Various Secondary Centres in India caring for Covid-19 patients

    from Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh

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19May21 - Safety Goggles and N95 masks have been successfully delivered toover 10 locations in India. Next Phase of deployment is Adult and Paediatric ICU beds, as well an setting up an Oxygen Plant.
UPDATE (equipment procured, through Apr/May2021)

Why We Started Project O2?
The worsening COVID crisis in India with little if any help reaching to the end users, prompted us to launch this Project to help us deliver oxygen at the doorstep of the individual. The initial round of support from us was by our own personal means, but given the dire and grim situation, we decided to rally a team of like-minded individuals and adopt a unifying platform (Milaap) to generate the means to create a larger social impact.

The majority of the current charity operations are catering to the Tier 1 cities of Delhi, Mumbai etc. but the situation in the Tier 2 and 3 is shockingly poor and needs urgent attention. With local hospitals struggling with the resources, our team’s efforts are focused on mobilising our network and delivering required response tools to the medical staff on the ground.

The choice of beneficiary hospitals was driven by the existing charity-led relations the team had, as it would make it easier for us to get requirements and allow us to respond more quickly.
  • Sadguru Trust Hospital, Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh (
  • Sushrut Charitable Trust, Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • Amravati District through District Administration
In addition, we have also expanded the scope of basic COVID response infrastructure to other areas by partnering with:

What Project O2 Aims To Do
Through 10 different phases, Project O2 is sourcing funds to procure the following types of supplies for our beneficiaries:

  • To provide critically needed medical equipments (Oxygen concentrators, Ventilators, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, ICU Beds) to secondary healthcare centres in India involved in management of patients with COVID-19.
  • To provide much needed protective gear to the healthcare workers (safety goggles, N95 masks) fighting this battle against COVID-19.
  • To equip primary care centres with essential COVID-19 diagnostic and first aid toolkits (COVID-19 toolkits)

Project O2 Team

We are a group of friends based in Singapore and India, working across various industries (Medical, Finance, Technology, Trade etc) who are trying to use their professional networks to deliver medical supplies to the hospitals in India. You can direct any query you might have to our email address,

How You Can Help

To obtain the equipment and resources, we hope to raise a total of US$150,000. Any donation of any amount towards this cause will go a long way in helping the situation in India and Nepal. The provision of basic care, of things such as oxygen, ventilators or monitors that we so often take for granted, could now mean life or death for a patient. We hope you will support this noble cause and donate generously to Project O2.

Frequently Asked Questions, addressed by Team Milaap

1) Are there any fees associated with the campaign?

No. Milaap is a free fundraising platform. We do not deduct any fees from your donation. You are however welcome to make a voluntary tip to cover for our expenses, while making the donation.

2) Why are the exchange rates lower than real-time values?

We assure you that exchange rate you see at the time of donation is purely notional - funds raised in all foreign currencies (we support around 12+ international currencies apart from INR) are held in our US custodian account and transferred as $ when the organisers request the same.

The exchange rate they receive in Rupees is based on that date of receipt of funds through their bank. For example, current (27-04-2021) notional FX rate on site is 52 INR / SGD whereas the equivalent FX rate at the time of transfer (on 27-04-2021) to recipient is around ~ 55 INR / SGD

The notional value of keeping a slightly lower exchange rate for display is to ensure that fundraisers don't suffer from a shortage should there be a fluctuation/volatility in currency movements. So we are conservative with our display. Please note that we make no money directly or indirectly in FX arbitrages or floats associated with it.

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