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Provide Free Education To The Underprivileged!
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Transfiguration mission society is a part of christ the king church
TMS's  Vision is
To establish a progressive society, which will be free from exploitation, where overall development and dignity of every one will be secure, where  People can live with solidarity, co-operation, brotherhood and where they can protect their rights. ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVES.:
 To provide free academic education to underprivileged children from primary level to higher level.  To promote sense of Brotherhood, Communal Harmony, National Integration and Peace among students.  To save orphan children by protecting their rights of food, shelter and education.  To promote literacy among illiterate adults & needy slum dwellers in urban as well as rural areas.  To conduct vocational training and counseling for adolescents and needy people.

Name of the project   :  TMS EDucational Institutes Project components   : Free Formal Education up to Class  XII,Professional & Technical  Education Project location    :  All over India -- Duration of the Project  :  3 Years Expected start Project  : Jan. 2017
Project Cost (Schools)  :  40,000 Cr. (City Level Rs. 11,680 Cr. & Village Level Rs. 28320 Cr.)

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: CITY LEVEL SCHOOL: 1. To establish a complete English Medium School with all facilities for student's up to class XII.

2. To provide professional and technical training to the children that they can be self-dependent alter completing the course.

3. To provide basic health care to the children.

4. To provide physical training, Yoga, dance & music training to children.

5. To teach children cultural programmes, art, craft, sport and games.

6. To aware the parents about the important of education for their children

VILLAGE LEVEL SCHOOL: 1. To establish a complete Educational School with children up to class XII.

2. To provide nutrition to the children.

3. To provide basic health care to the children.

4. To provide physical training, Yoga, dance & music training to children.

5. To teach children cultural programmes, art, craft, sport and games.

6. To aware the parents about the important of education for their children.

STRUCTURE AND PROGRAMMES: CITY LEVEL SCHOOL:  Medium of education :  English  Syllabus    :  Council of Board of Secondary  Education (CBSE)   CLASS    : From Nursery to class XII  PROFESSIONAL COURSES  Basic Teacher Training   Technical Education  Computer Training  Art and Craft  Dance and Music

VILLAGE LEVEL SCHOOL:  Medium of education :  English  Syllabus    :  According per the Govt.

Syllabus  :

 CLASS    : From I to class XII  Subject Teach:- a. Regional Language b. National Language c. English d. Science e. Social Science (History & Geography) f. Mathematics g. Computer Basic h. Drawing & Painting i. Moral Science

INTAKE CAPACITY:- CITY LEVEL SCHOOL :- ACADEMIC COURSES:- Class No. of Section Strength Nursery 50*4 Section 200 L.K.G. 50*4 Section 200 U.K.G 50*4 Section 200 Class - I 50*4 Section 200
Class - II 50*4 Section 200 Class - III 50*4 Section 200 Class - IV 50*4 Section 200 Class - V 50*4 Section 200 Class - VI 50*4 Section 200 Class - VII 50*4 Section 200 Class - VIII 50*4 Section 200 Class - IX 50*4 Section 200 Class - X 50*4 Section 200 Class - XI 50*4 Section 200 Class - XII 50*4 Section 200 Total Strength 3000

Class No. of Section Strength Basic Teacher Training 40 * 1 batches 40 Technical Education 15 * 4 batches 60 Computer Training 15 * 4 batches 60 Art & Craft 30 * 2 batches 60 Dance & Music 15 * 2 batches 30 Tailoring & knitting 15 * 4 batches 60 Photo Graphic & Video Shooting 50 * 2 Batches 40 Total Strength 350

Monday to Saturday Summer: - 7: 00 am - 12 noon.  Winter: - 8:00 am - 1.00 pm All together there are 7 periods, each period of 35 minutes. There will be one lunch break of 30 minutes. VACATION Summer vacation: - 40 days on the month of May or June Christmas /Winter vacation: - 15days on the month of December. EXAM Mainly three examinations will be taken in a year on the month of April, August and December. Class test and monthly test will be taken for the better improvement students. SCHOLARSHIP
The children who secure more than 80% mark in the examination and other activities; they will be provided scholarship to encourage them in their study.

LIBRARY FACILITY We would like to keep a library where we will maintain a quite number of reference books for the students, especially for the poor ones. Side by side we wish to keep a good stock of story books, periodicals, books on painting, games and sports and dailyNewspapers or so on, just to give the fresh air to our students and to make them familiar with the present situation. We wish, to keep, it goes without saying, the facility of the computer education without which the present education system will remain incomplete. For which we have to keep two or more Computer sets for the students forimparting them practical knowledge on it. ANNUAL CULTURAL PROGRAMMES Every year we will organize   School foundation Day   Sports Day  Children Day  Independence Day Republic Day  Teacher Day  Christmas Eve
ANNUAL COMPETITION:   Quiz Competition  Debate Competition  Song Competition
 Drawing Competition  Dance Competition  Essay Competition   Writing Competition   Sport Competition   Others Competition
Through these programmes we wish to encourage our students for the cultural activities and to brush up their hidden talent. One thing is for sure that these kinds of programmes will give the students the extra edge, even for their future.
ANNUAL SCHOOL PICNIC / TOUR Every year we are supposed to make 'an educational tour with the school children for which the students will have to bear 75% of the total expense where as rest of the amount would be bear by the school management. But in future the total cost of this kind of programme would be taken from the students only.
EXHIBITIONS We have also plan to organize some exhibitions on Science, crafts, dollsand paintings which would be performed only by our students. We mayinvite the other school students for such sort of programmes to participate by which our students can get the opportunity to interact With the others.
PT AND YOGA We will give the training on Physical fitness and yoga to our
students.And we want to keep this programme in our daily schedule.

GAMES AND SPORTS ITEMS We have to keep some games and sports items for indoors and outdoorspurposes. Like as saw, swings, slides, balls, and merry-go- round, volleyball, cricket, football, for the outdoors games and carom, ludo, chess,Chinese checker, Badminton and T.T. for the indoor games.
GARDEN We wish to maintain a small garden just to familiar our students withour mute friends. And side by side to beautify our school premises.
SCHOOL BOOKS AND UNIFORM The school will provide the prescribed books and copies and school uniform, shoes, tie to the students.
All the children of village level school will be provided one time meal in school hour. MANAGEMENT

CITY LEVEL SCHOOL   Administrative Block  School Block (Class Rooms)  Laboratories  Computer Lab  Art & Craft Room  Music & Dance Room  Hostel (Boys & Girls)  Chapel/Assembly Hall  Staffs Room  Canteen  Library  News Room  Garden  Parking Space  Play Ground   Recreation Room  Dispensary  Staff Quarters  Dining Hall

 Administrative Block
 School Block (Class Rooms)   Laboratories   Chapel/Assembly Hall  
 Library   Dispensary   Garden   Parking Space   Play Ground   Recreation Room


The entire amounts are in Crores
 PARTICULAR      -      TMS Academy (City Level)                       TMS Academy (Village Level)
 PER UNIT COST   -          40.00                                                                 10.00                          
NO OF UNIT         -         292                                                                      2832
TOTAL COST         -        11,680                                                                28,320
Total Cost                                                         Rs.  40,000

ESTIMATED BUDGET FOR GRACE ACADEMY CITY LEVEL SCHOOL SL No. Particular Amount in Crores 01. Purchase of land 20.00 02. Development of land 1.00 03. Building Construction 15.00 04. Generator, Electricity & Water 0.40 05. Computers 0.50 06. Furniture & Fixture 4.00 07. Laboratory Equipments 2.00 08. School Bus  1.30 09. Books for library 1.40 10. Sports Goods 0.20 11. School Security 0.20 12. Running Exp. for 3 yrs  Programme Cost 9.00 Administrative Cost 3.00 13. Contingencies 0.20  Total Rs. 40.00 Rupees Forty Crores Only

Total Project Cost (City Level) = 292 School × Rs 40.00 cr. = 11,680 cr.

PARTICULAR AMOUNT (Rs.) A. Non-Recurring i) Purchase of land 60,00,000 ii) Development of land 40,00,000 iii) Construction of Building 160,00,000 iv) Furniture & Fixture 40,00,000 v) Cooking items & utensils  20,00,00 B. Recurring  i) Programme Cost 100,00,000 ii) Administrative 100,00,000 iii) Honorarium 40,00,000 iv) Book & Copies 60,00,000 iv) Fooding 160,00,000 v) Clothing 100,00,000 vi) Medical Camp 40,00,000 vii) Contingencies 80,00,000 Total Rs. 10,00,00,000 Ten Crores Only

Total Project Cost (Village Level) = 2832 Schools x Rs. 10.00 Cr. = Rs. 28320 Cr.Grand Total Project Cost for School = Rs. 11,680 Cr. + Rs. 28320 Cr. = Rs. 40,000 Cr.

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