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Improper TB Medication is a Killer: Help India Eliminate TB
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TB is a major public health challenge in India, with over 25 lakh cases reported yearly and causing over 4 lakh deaths. Among these cases, drug-resistant TB (DR TB) is a growing concern - accounts for over 100,000 cases every year. Unfortunately, many patients don't even know they have drug-resistant TB until after they start taking medication, which can make their condition worse and even lead to death.

What is drug resistance TB? It is the case when bacteria become resistant to the drugs used to treat TB. This means that the drug can no longer kill the TB bacteria.  For the treatment of TB, a combination of antibiotics is prescribed. If any of the drugs are ineffective, therapy may not work and the patient’s health will keep deteriorating plus he/she will keep on transmitting drug-resistant TB.

Knowing the drug resistance profile of all the drugs before prescribing medicines is as critical as the detection of TB. With the present tests, even doctors have limited information to guide the right therapy from the start. As per India TB Report 2022, DR-TB patients' treatment showed only a 57% treatment success rate.

But there's hope! With your help, we can offer free DNA-based tests (whole genome sequencing tests) to patients with drug-resistant TB. By identifying effective antibiotics before starting medication, doctors can determine the best course of treatment for each patient, increasing their chances of survival and ultimately saving lives.

Donate today and join us in the fight against drug-resistant TB in India. Together, we can make a difference!


We are collaborating with trusted NGOs, working towards TB Elimination and improving the health of affected families like World Health PartnersDoctors For You and more, to identify diagnosed or suspected Drug Resistance TB patients across India and will provide free TB WGS tests, so that their right therapy can be started right away.

We are targeting to cover 1500+ DR TB patients by raising around Rs 1 cr over 3 months.

About HaystackAnalytics: 

Based out of IIT Bombay, HaystackAnalytics is a healthtech start-up which has brought cutting-edge whole genome sequencing-based technology to combat tuberculosis at the core.

This is a DNA-based diagnostic test for the early detection of drug resistance profiles for 18 antibiotics for TB. This profile enables clinicians to start the right treatment immediately. This test also detects any co-infection, that is, fungal and other bacterial infections along with TB including NTM/MOTT and mixed infections, that is, infections with multiple variants of TB. With the capability of identifying the strain/variants of TB infection, it helps in building an understanding of transmission patterns and the evolution of drug resistance patterns to handle the situation proactively.

HaystackAnalytics has already tested close to 10,000 patients for TB and is targeting to enable WGS-based diagnostics for 20% of DR-TB patients in 2023. Whole Genome Sequencing for Diagnostics for Tuberculosis has been available in developed countries like the UK through the NHS since 2015. As a leading health-tech startup working towards bringing genomics for infectious diseases, HaystackAnalytics is committed to delivering the full benefits of genomics to each patient.

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