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Do Good for a Cause !! #FeedMyDogZ
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    To feed the stray and street dogs

    from Gurugram, Haryana


A shout-out to all the Animal lovers and create a global community for Stray Dogs welfare. Incubation / Inception:

 It started during Covid19 Lockdown when the entire world was in a strict lockdown and Work-from-home was a new concept for most of us. There was no way we could get out or meet our friends, other than Zoom and Facetime. We passed our time cooking delicious dishes. Stepping out for groceries was the only outing we could do. One such evening while we stepped out of a Grocery store, we found one stray dog looking for some food, we stopped by and gave him some biscuits and Milk, he thanked us with a wagging tail and we went back home. The same place two days later we found him there again, this time he looked at us and slowly came to us limping his way. We noticed he was bleeding and we immediately got some medications and cleaned his wound and gave him First-Aid, got him some eatables and milk, put them in a corner outside of the shopping complex. That night, we were extremely worried for him and went there the next morning and took him to a veterinary doctor. He got injured while he was looking around for food a day prior and fell in a pit, the onlookers confirmed and we knew, he needed more love and attention. Our New friend Simba (as we named him) became our project for a few days to take care of, we assured that we got him treated and then got some earthen pots for his food near the place he used to stay, after a few days we found some more of his friends around who were equally hungry and helpless. Slowly, our evening routines comprised of going to feed them and it gave us immense pleasure and satisfaction. Gradually, our group of dog babies was increasing and it was becoming tough for us to keep up with the cooking of their meals. We shared in a group of our friends about the location and they started helping with the food supplies to cover as many as 50 dogs in our neighborhood. We came across a lot of people through our social networks who wanted to help and be a part of this initiative. Like, a lot of dog parents, we came through their sick times and we asked the VET what food could help them in recovering fast, some needed medical aid time to time, their hygiene was another issue we faced, we timely ensured we applied anti-tick powders or sprays on them
Now after doing our own research and constant exchange of love, we already have over 150 dogs we feed every day. We want to make sure we can provide enough support and proper nutrition for the furry babies.

Our Mission: Feedmydogz is dedicated to helping to save and improving the lives of defenseless and vulnerable street dogs around the world. We focus on providing resources to those living local to the dogs who are dedicated to helping these animals, typically using their own very limited means. We work to provide support to these local rescuers who often go without food and basic needs in order to help these at-risk dogs. We work to help underfunded and overflowing shelters. We also help facilitate the transport of these street pups internationally as well as provide emergency medical care, spay and neuter programs, and vaccination programs. Feedmydogz works on donations and sponsorship to not only provide food and medicine for the dogs but also to give them love, confidence, and dignity. Stray Dog does not have a direct adoption program, rather we work with partner rescues. Please help us in our mission – the street dogs of the world are counting on us! Feedmydogz has no paid employees and no overhead costs so you can be assured 100% of your donation goes to improving the circumstances of street dogs around the world.

What we do: We at feedmydogz want to factor in the most important aspect of Dog care i.e. feeding them and providing them proper nutrition, medical aid, and foster homes. We provide customized food packets as per the nutritional needs of the furry babies. The diets are approved by experienced vet’s and there is no compromise on the quality. These diets are divided into different categories as per the need identified by our supporters: these could be Daily diets or recovery diets, age-based diets. We have two ways of helping out the strays: by donating to our initiative and we would feed these babies at various locations. Alternatively, our supporters can order ready food packages at any location globally and we can deliver all the food packets to your address. The online donations are used for feeding our homeless friends and their medical aid.

Vision: We plan to feed over 1,00,000 homeless furry babies by the end of 2022 and to keep growing more with support from all. Organize medical awareness camps and online seminars to educate people on our initiative. Arrange medical support also. Adoption campaigns to give these stray dogs happy parents and loving homes. The initiative is divided into phases and every phase consists of various activities and drives. We request your support to make it successful

Activity1: let's have NO-Thirsty Dogs Installation of Water bowl for stray dogs at 1000 different spots across the NCR region. This will be an ongoing activity and we plan to reach as many strays as possible.

Activity 2:
Feedmydogz DINNER DRIVES We want to arrange dinner drives as a community for stray dogs providing them nutritional food, we plan to maximize our reach with the help of social media. This campaign will be a benchmark event happening at the same time in pan India. We will promote this campaign and urge people to volunteer with us and associate in the maximum numbers. Although we feed the strays on a daily basis a weekly drive with purpose throughout the country is what we want to aim at. Activity 3: Dog shelter The strays have been struggling to get a place they can call their own, we would be targeting getting a Dog shelter with maximum capacity where we can provide them, medical help, food, and accommodation. We would also encourage people to come and spend time with these babies and adopt them after we get these pets trained, sterilized, and vaccinated. The idea here is to provide them with healthy living and happy homes. We want to ensure no strays struggle due to unhealthy living conditions, lack of medical aid, hunger, or thirst. The food that we are planning to feed these strays is going to be freshly made nutritional food with all dog-friendly vegetarian ingredients. We as a community want to make sure no harm is caused to any other creatures or people while we are helping our loved strays.

Utilization Of Funds-
Cost of 1000 Water Bowl- Rs.2,00,000
Nutritious food- Rs. 3,00,000
Vaccination and Sterilization- Rs. 100000 
Medicines- Rs. 1,00,000
Dog Shelter- Rs. 2,50,000
Transportation expenses- Rs. 50,000

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