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Funding Horse2Human: Help Us Build a Self-Sustainable Future!
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    the H2H herd

    from Auroville, Tamil Nadu


Dear friends, family and fellow humans,
Update 03/08/2021

Here in Tamil Nadu, as of today, we are still in Lockdown. This second lockdown began in mid april, then got even more strict in the form of a "Full Lockdown" from May 10th to June 7th. Everything remained closed, no access to basic neccesities like Grocery Shops and Feed and Grain Stores. This unprecedented situation, forced me to think fast and order large sums of feed in order to make sure we have enough feed in stock to last for the forseeable future. Now the stocks are running low and we will need to get more feed this week and hay by mid to end August. 

The premix feeds we get come from two different places, Pune and Noida, both a long way from us, so with the Lockdown regulations it is more difficult, and sadly more expensive, to procure and ship feed.
    Everyone here at H2H is healthy, appart from the inevitable bumps, bruises and scrapes that come with horses being horses.
Happy spending his time doing his favorite thing, splashing in the water.

The H2H herd is being kept busy with daily showers, exercise and regular hoof trimming schedules, to keep their minds and bodies fit. Despite my best efforts, it is clear that the horses miss the students and volunteers making a fuss of them!
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 Your donations will allow us to grow to maximize our self- sustainability and our productivity. This will be the cornerstone of brining H2H to it's full potential. We have built a second riding arena, in order to have a much needed second space for lessons and groundwork. We have also built, welded, and painted the new round pen; it is made fully of round metal piping to maximize durability and minimize injury to the horses. Finally we have removed the crumbling remains of the previous round pen, and it looks amazing.
 We have had it coated it in 2 layers of primer and 2 coats of white rust retardant paint.
Unforgettable moments of pure bliss in the new round pen.

 We have also bought all the materials and begun the work to build 2 new stables. We are done pouring the foundations, and setting up the roof as I type. In the next week we will prepare to cement the floor.
 We have been progressively setting up areas to grow our own forrage in hopes to make our own hay.

 The lockdown has shown us how necessary it is to be Self-sustainable.

 Our usual schedule of Natural Horsemanship lessons, and other horse-related activities have been on hold for a long time as well due to lockdown regulations. This has made it impossible to generate income, because, much like many places we depend on hands on teaching to make ends meet. We are just restarting the natural horsemanship and horse care lessons.
Your help makes it possible for us to help more horses and more people. Your donations will allow us to survive Covid to restart our Horse Assisted Therapy Lessons for children from Deepam ( and our Horse care lessons. We have just restarted our weekly lessons with the children of The Learning Community.
  In a time where we have all come to value and yearn for connection freedom, nature and the outdoors; it is important that we are ready to open our doors to anyone who would benefit from spending time in H2H.
 To accomodate the growing herd we need your help, to grow our infrastructure to house all our horses and ponies in a safely and comfortably. We are missing a few essential things to be able to expand: more stables (Pebbles still doesn't have her own stable); a feed storage room that keeps our feed stock dry in the rainy season and safe from critters; a stable for medical treatments and showers; a ceiling with sufficient space for adequate head clearance for the tall horses.
 For a bit more about me:

 Pending Expenses


 • 10,000/- INR for feed from RSA Overseas Pune ( incl. Transport). (Monthly)

 • ~25,000/- INR for feed sourced locally (Raggi, kollu, finger millet, wheat bran flakes). (Monthly)

 • 25,000/- INR for staff (filling hay nets, cleaning stables, fixing fencing, removing manure...) (Monthly expense)

 • 25,700/- INR for feed from Himalayan Horse Care (incl. Transport). (every 2 months)

 • 50,000/- INR for hay (available only seasonally). (Every 3 months)

 • ~5,000/- INR for painter (rust proofing existing metal surfaces, painting stables) (~2x a year)

 • 3,850/- INR for deworming paste April (~every 4 months)

 • 28,095/- INR metal fencing poles for new round pen and Stallion enclosure (One time payment)

 • 21,100/- INR GI Chain link fencing, fencing posts (One time payment)

 • 10,560/- INR for metal roofing from new stable block (One time payment)

 • 25,000/- INR for welder, painter, mason and helpers to build the new stable and build the round pen and fencing
 • 11400/- INR for horse Food from RSA Overseas Pune Pvt.Ltd (05/08/21) + 2138/- INR VRL transport cost.

These lockdowns have made us understand how necessary self-sustainability is.
 This is what sparked the plans for a new structure to cover the existing stables. This bolted steel structure with solar panels and a rain water harvesting system will be the first step (leap) to making us self-sufficient and thus closer to our goal of self-sustainability.

Update on 06/02/2021
We have still not reached our hay fundraiser goal, and have had yet more expenses. We bought 16 bags of balanced vitamin and mineral feed worth INR. 26,240, which are going to last us about 35-40 days, and will be added to the horses' current rations to make sure their nutritional needs are met in preparation for the hottest months of the year.
 With summer coming in quick and promising very hot weather, we need to concentrate on building the horses a cool shelter to escape the heat. 

Update 24/01/2021
The rain has come and gone.
 We are delighted to share that this rain was not only sufficient, but exceeding the required yearly amount to refill our aquifers! 

The horses and humans of H2H on thr other hand have been struggling in the mud and humid weather. Our hay stock which we purchased mid December went completely mouldy after a group of cows pulled off the tarps one rainy night to have a midnight feast.... We removed the wet hay and replaced the tarps but it was so rainy that we were not able to dry the masses of wet hay...This cost us two thirds of our hay lost to fungi.
In addition to soggy hooves, the humid weather brought hundreds of mosquitoes and flies of all shapes and sizes who pester the horses to no end.
We have been spraying he horses with natural fly spray 2x a day as a counter measure, but it only offers a short break before the bugs are back. Chouchou, Pebbles, Monsoon and Zoey suffer most as they scratch themselves constantly trying to chase the flies. We apply cream to the scrapes and hair-less patches and impatiently wait for the flies decrease in number.
We have spent a lot of our income on building a proper safe, dry hay storage floor and hope to add a roof shortly. And the silver lining: a week ago we were able to purchase a new load of decent hay, which was much needed, and ... (Drum roll) today we got 68 rolls of lovely crisp hay!
To cover the new batch of hay we need:
 5,500 Rs for the load of loose hay and
15,000 rs for the rolls
22,500 rs for the previous 3 loads of hay


Since 2015 we have been working on building Horse2Human (H2H) into what it is today. We are located in Auroville, an international township in South India.
 The first time I sat on a horse, I was 2 years old; my mother tells me that I was so comfortable, that I fell into a deep sleep and fell off the pony. As expected I cried continuously only stopping once I was put back on the pony's back. That was it, we knew my life would always involve horses. All this could have ended when I was 12, I got kicked in the face, lost 4 permanent front teeth...  My lips were severely lacerated, I was basically disfigured. It was so bad that I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. This was followed by a visit to the hospital. 5 hours of operation and 70 stitches later, I was allowed to go home. And guess what was the first thing I wanted to do? ...go to the horses! Yup!
Our journey has brought to us  7 permanent herd members, each with their own story, their own history, their own trauma, as I have mine. This made me shift from traditional horsemanship to Natural Horsemanship. My journey with horses gave me the understanding that it is easier to train ourselves as humans to listen, empathize, and be consistant; to tune in to our values and apply these values in building a bond with our equines, rather than force a 500kg animal to do something. To me empowerment of all team members shows true leadership.
Taking a break from rasping to give madam Monsoon a kiss!

We are facing uncertain and unsettling times, but my hope is that we are facing them together. This togetherness gives me the strength to endure and the courage to dream. We are still unable to resume our usual activities to generate income as the Covid-19 lockdown is still restrictive here in Tamil Nadu, and even more so in Auroville. With the rainy season looming (mid October) and no sign of regular life resuming, we are forced to turn to you for help. We need funds for the following:
  • 30,000 rupees for 3 loads of hay (prices increase as the rainy season approaches. This hay will last us around 2 months)
  • 60,000 for hard feed (Sunflower seeds, barley, kambou, Kollu, Raggi)
  • 10,000 rupees for peanut oil, hemp supplements, turmeric powder, and other essential feed supplements.
  • 50,000 rupees to fix leaking roofs and build a covered space for Pebbles before the rain hits.

Most of the ingredients in the horse feed are increasingly expensive and have been hard to come by (if at all) during this pandemic. But regardless of that, it is important to us to stay true to the way horses eat in the wild, to maintain the integrity of their delicate digestive system.
Monsoon demonstrating how to use the hay net

To assist that, we provide free-choice hay in slow feeder nets (all day, all night) placed in strategic spots to promote movement and ensure equal access to all herd members. In addition, hard feed and supplements are tailored to each individual's health requirements. Thanks to the success of our first fundraiser and local donors, we were able to restock on hay and feed, but that has now been depleted. We have half a load of hay in stock (diminishing daily), and barely two weeks’ worth of hard feed (grains, bran, etc).Additionally, our current infrastructure is more than 15 years old, and needs immediate maintenance and renovation. Pebbles (one of our ponies), still does not have a stable to call home. This rainy season we wish to rectify that – a mission for which we need your help!
Pebbles in our DIY round pen.

Our long-term dream is to rebuild the roof of our stables (which is currently a patchwork of flimsy plastic sheets), and in long term, making them more spacious by breaking down the back walls. This will create a space where we can contain a horse if it needs medical attention, give baths and more.
The colorful roof patchwork in the background, hopefully soon upgraded to something actually waterproof, functional and most of all safe.

And in the mean time, catch up with us on Facebook : Horse2Human-Communication
And Instagram @horse2human.auroville

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