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Help The Dogs of RGKMCH, Kolkata
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Stray Dogs of R.G.Kar Medical College

    from Kolkata, West Bengal

Hi, we are Semanti Roy and Aradhana Gupta, two 22 year old final year MBBS students of R.G.Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. We, along with few other students from our college have been trying to take care of the dogs in our campus. We have been regularly feeding them, treating the sick ones and sending them for sterilization when required.
So far we've been able to sterilize only 7 female dogs and provide all of them with minimal food just enough to get them through the day.

Since we're students who do not have a steady source of income and are still financially dependent on our parents, we have not been able to spay the remaining 30 dogs in our campus or provide a wholesome meal for them, owing to which many of these dogs have contracted various illnesses.

With your help, we aim to prevent such unfortunate situations and give them a better quality of life. The funds that we recieve will be used for the following :

1. Sterilization : Spaying the female dogs will give them a chance at having a healthier life, reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer, relieve them of the distress of losing their children, help us curb overpopulation and prevent unwanted accidents which could take the lives of new born pups. Further, it would also help us limit the spread of infectious diseases which could be potentially fatal and/or expensive to treat if we could control the population of dogs living in our campus.Dogs being sent for sterilization Neutering the male dogs would enrich their health, reduce the risk of testicular and prostate cancer, and prevent unwanted and aggressive behaviour which would benefit the community as a whole.

Malnourished mother dog with her litterMany of these dogs live and breed inside hostels, leading to overcrowding, giving rise to various difficulties.
A total of 30 dogs still remain to be sterilised.

2. Feeding : As of now, we feed each dog a small pack of Parle G biscuits and chicken leftovers once a day. This is not sufficient for them to sustain a healthy life. Lactating mothers and sick dogs are fed rice and chicken for the required duration. Due to the pandemic, feeding has become extra difficult because of lack of funds and manpower.

3. Treatment and Vaccination : We aim to deworm the dogs and provide special care and medications for the old and injured dogs in our campus. A pup with an injured limbBecause the dogs live in the hospital, they are exposed to various toxic compounds which they ingest and fall sick frequently. These compounds often cause fatal damage to their organs and require expensive treatment and/or medications along with various pathological tests. Jill suffered from Stump Pyometra. She didn't make it. With your help, we hope to alleviate their suffering and help them get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.
We also aim to vaccinate these dogs (40, including the pups) against rabies and distemper, which are life threatening diseases for them and us.

We look forward to your generosity. Every penny will help us save these beautiful babies. These fur babies provide us with all of their love and affection and spread smiles in every way possible, relieving us of stress and bringing us lots of happiness. Your collective effort will help us making their lives a little easier, which is the least we could do for them.

Sterilization : 30 x Rs. 2000 = Rs. 60,000
Vaccination : 40 × Rs. 250 = Rs. 10,000

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