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Dear All, I am Sriharshini Goli from India, pursuing a B-pharm 3rd year at BITS PILANI Hyderabad. I aim to have my future in research and am an active undergrad researcher on my campus. My abstract has been recently got accepted for presentation at the 2019 Autumn Immunology Conference which is to be held at Chicago, Illinois. The conference is from 22nd Nov to 25th Nov. Though it is a piece of great news for me, I may not be able to attend the conference and present my data due to a lack of funds. Though my institute funds, it is very little and not sufficient. Having a plan of pursuing a Ph.D. and do active research, it is very important for me to build a strong C.V. Hence this conference is of great importance for my future. I hereby request you all to help get through this, by letting me know if anyone can fund the conference. I know it is late now, but I sincerely request you all to let me know if I can get any help at this moment.
The pernicious nature of Diabetes intrigues me. My curiosity to understand the triggers and consequences of this disease led me to explore the research advancements in this field. So started my quest to understand the beauty of biology. I went on to dig into the root causes of multiple diseases and found our immune system to play a master role. When I was studying immunology, I came across various cell signaling pathways involved in macrophage polarization which is the ground basis for tissue regeneration and balanced inflammation. I learned that inflammation is instrumental in supplying growth factors and cytokine signals that orchestrate the cell and tissue movements necessary for repair. My love for this subject grew with the number of related research papers I read and the projects I took up.  
My first academic project was to detect: “The role of Histone deacetylase-6 (HDAC-6) in impairing the wound healing process in diabetic induced model by regulating the expression of interleukin-1 beta and interleukin-10”.  I have done animal studies (worked on C57BL/6 male mice), cell culture (Resident peritoneal macrophages isolated from C57BL/6 mice and Raw264.7 cell lines), cell stimulations, immunohistochemistry, ELISA, confocal microscopy, western blotting, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and formulation of tubastatin (selective inhibitor of HDAC-6) based gel for topical application which are necessary for the study. A detailed critical analysis through different tissue regenerative pathways helped me figure out a new cell signaling pathway responsible for sustained proinflammation in case of topical wounds in diabetic conditions. This paper is under review to be published in the Journal of Pathology.  
My next project was on: “The therapeutic role of nano-curcumin in treating gut microbiota imbalance in obese conditions which is one of the main causes of increased pro-inflammation”. Curcumin is one of the major constituents of ayurvedic medicines and has minimal side effects. Studying the pathway through which curcumin can bring back a balance in the constitution of gut microbiota has significant importance in this research. This involved animal studies (on mice: swiss albino) where I did oral gavaging of different nano-curcumin dosage forms, retroorbital blood collection, flow cytometry and intestinal permeability test on weekly basis.  
I could appreciate the intricate way in which different branches of biology are interlinked while studying neuroscience and stem cell biology for my work on “developing a larval zebrafish model for studying the side effects of valproic acid on neurodevelopment: An approach towards modeling autism”. I learned and analyzed the behavior of the zebrafish embryos treated with different drugs, more importantly, valproic acid which has been widely proven to induce autism. We analyzed the thigmotaxis behavior, inattentive behavior, and circling behavior in our studies. We validated the model by performing social interaction tests and many other behavioral analyzing tests. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has no proper cure to date because of its complex mixture of symptoms having a pool of different physical and physiological variations from patient to patient. Hence, figuring out biomarkers specific for autism has been a great challenge. I have an ongoing review on studying the cellular signaling pathways involving the regulation of SHANK3 and mGluR 5 genes which have been reported to have a major role in ASD. Stem cells have also been shown to have a great effect in treating many neurodegenerative disorders. I am currently working on a review which mainly focuses on the “Use of Adipose tissue-derived pluripotent stem cells as a potential therapeutic source for ASD”. Adipose tissue derived pluripotent stem cells have been proved to show evident improvement in neural regeneration, which hence can be a potent way to cure many neuro-degradative diseases such as ASD (Autism spectrum disorders). Here I studied the paracrine actions of Adipose tissue-derived pluripotent stem cells involved in inflammation and Neuro-Immune Dysregulations in Autism Spectrum Disorders.    
I also like to delve into the pharmaceutics dealing with different drug delivery systems for crossing barriers in the body like the blood-brain barrier and the ocular barrier. I have an ongoing project of microneedle drug delivery systems for treating ocular infection caused by Candida albucans. The active pharmaceutical ingredients I am working on are Amphotersin-B and pilokarpin. We optimized a new microneedle casting system which is very convenient for easy drug delivery by crossing the ocular barrier without any pain and show a sustained therapeutic effect.  
My zeal to dig into the depths of various domains of biology motivates me to pursue active research as a career. I believe that I possess the right combination of scientific rigor and effective communication skills which is best suited for this program. During the course of my lab work so far, I have been presented with a variety of problems that molded me to face the odds that would arise during research. Extensive reading as a part of my research inculcated in me, a habit of reading research papers for proofs of concept. This enabled me to look upon my field of research through the eyes of an analyst, which I feel is a priceless tool for us to excel in any field.  
I lead the Cognitives club at my university. We study and analyze the cognitive data collected from different branches of students to track their mental stress levels and mental health. At present, we are studying the effect of sleeplessness on mental stress of the students leading to a disturbed circadian rhythm. I also lead the undergraduate research association at our university. Any kind of help through giving me a fund would help me develop the ideal temperament to be a successful research scholar. Given a chance, I would love to apply my current learnings and at the same time broaden horizons to make significant contributions to the ongoing research.
invitation letter
invitation letter
Got an opportunity to pursue a thesis too in the coming year
Got an opportunity to pursue a thesis too in the coming year
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