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Support Jivan Sishu Project to save the Malnourished Children
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In this scenario of Covid-19 and Lockdown India is now ranking 104 at the Global Hunger Index. 2 of 3 child dies in India due to malnutrition. According to UNICEF report malnutrition caused 69 per cent of deaths of children below the age of 5 in India. According to the report of 'The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2020', 34.7 per cent of the children aged under five in India are stunted. During the Child Health Survey of Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram) conducted among below poverty level families in different blocks of Hooghly district of West Bengal, we have found that lots of children are suffering from severe malnutrition due to the effect of Covid-19 and lockdown. Their parents have lost jobs during lockdown and the children have become victims of extreme neglect and malnutrition. It has ruined their physical and mental development. In order to save the future generation of our country, Jivan Sishu Project of Parul Ashram has been initiated under the guidance of Honourable Sabyasachi Maharaj.
In Jivan Sishu Project what we do at present:
  • After our Child Health Survey in the underprivileged villages, we arrange Child Health Check-up Camps to select severely malnourished children as detected by the reputed doctors.
  • Feed the malnourished children nutritious food every day that includes:
  • A boiled egg
  • A protein-based nutritious health drink which is prepared at Parul Ashram and it consists of the following ingredients – Moong Daal, Chattu, Wheat, Soyabean seed, Peanut, Sugar etc.
  • Some biscuits or local supplementary food.
  • Once a week a full meal of Rice, Daal, Vegetables, Chicken etc.

With your support what we want to do for these malnourished children:

  1. We want to provide them a meal every day that will have all the necessary nutrients which are very much needed for the improvement of their health. It will consist of Rice, Daal, Vegetables, Boiled Egg, Local Fruits etc.
  2. A chicken meal at least once a week.
  3. Prolonged malnutrition damages the immunity power of the children and cause permanent physical deformities. It cannot be relieved only through food. So we shall organize regular Yoga and Pranayam practices every day in the morning from 8-00 to 8-30 A.M. by certified yoga professionals to strengthen them both physically and mentally.
  4. Perform regular health check-up of the malnourished children by reputed doctors and update the record every month.
  5. If the parents are not conscious of the health problems of their children, their development is almost impossible. So, we shall organize monthly awareness camps for their parents and common villagers in presence of doctors and nutrition experts.
  6. At the initial stage, we have planned to organize 4 units of 60 children per unit i.e. total 240 children will be taken care in this project. A unit has already been started at Boso Mahaprabhu Danga village in Dhaniakhali block of Hooghly district, West Bengal.
  7. To carry on all these activities successfully we need a supervisor, a cook, an assistant worker, a yoga instructor and a doctor per unit.

With your support in Jivan Sishu Project we wish to follow this schedule:

Monday to Saturday morning
8 A.M.: Prayer
8-05 A.M. to 8-30 A.M. – Yoga and Pranayam practices
8-30 A.M. to 9 A.M. – Have Breakfast
First Sunday of each month – Child Health Check Up Camp.Physical condition, weight and height of each child will be carefully checked by reputed doctors, essential medicines will be provided and their health record will be updated regularly.

Last Sunday of each month – Parents’ Awareness Camp
In presence of doctors and nutrition experts; Parents’ Awareness Camp will be held for the parents of the malnourished children.

Proposed Food Schedule for the Malnourished Children:
Sl. noDaysFood schedule
1MondayKhichuri with Vegetables, Soyabean, Boiled Egg
2TuesdayRice, Boiled Vegetables, Egg
3WednesdayKhichuri with Vegetables, Soyabean, Boiled Egg
4ThursdayRice, Boiled Potato, Boiled Egg.
5FridayKhichuri with Vegetables, Soyabean, Boiled Egg
6SaturdayRice, Boiled Potato, Boiled Egg

Monthly Expenses of a unit of 60 children at present :
For feeding a boiled egg, nutritious heath drink, biscuits and a chicken meal once a week
Arranging Child Health Check Up Camp once a month
Arranging Parents’ Awareness Camp once a month

Approximately @ Rs. 23.00/head/day
Total monthly expenses for 60 children is Rs. 41,825.00


Egg – 60 pieces per day @Rs.5.00/egg   = Rs. 9,000.00 per month
Moong Daal – 15 Kg/month @ Rs.120/Kg. = Rs. 1800.00 per month
Chattu - 15 Kg/month @ Rs.120/Kg.      = Rs. 1800.00 per month
Wheat - 15 Kg/month @ Rs.15/Kg.       = Rs. 225.00 per month
Soyabean Seed – 5Kg/Month - @ 90/Kg. = Rs. 450.00 per month
Peanut - 5Kg/Month - @ 140/Kg.       = Rs. 700.00 per month
Sugar  - 5Kg/Month - @ 40/Kg.        = Rs. 200.00 per month
Biscuits – Rs. 3.00/head/day            = Rs. 5,400.00 per month
Chicken Meal -@Rs.60.00/head/week      = Rs.14,400.00 per month
Fuel (Gas cylinder)                   – Rs. 850.00 per month
Awareness camp expenses               - Rs. 1000.00 per month
Child Health Check Up camp expenses     – Rs. 6000.00 per month
Total monthly expenses at present         – Rs. 41,825.00
Total yearly expenses of the project at present – Rs. 5,01,900.00
(Five lac one thousand and nine hundred only per year at present)

Persons or workers needed for Jivan Sishu Project :

1. A Cook: For each unit of 60 to 70 children we need at least one cook for cooking. Other staff and volunteers shall help the cook and serve food to the children.
2. A Supervisor: A unit of 60 to 70 children needs a supervisor to take care of children’s attendance, condition of health, quality of food and the entire feeding procedure.
3. A Yoga Instructor: For each unit of 60 to 70 children we need a Yoga Instructor to train the children Yoga and Pranayama and help them to practice it everyday in the morning.
4. An Assistant Worker:  For this unit of 60 to 70 children we need an assistant worker who will assist in cooking, help the children to practice Yoga and Pranayama everyday in the morning.
5. A Doctor: For each unit of 60 to 70 children we need a certified and experienced doctor for monthly health check-up of the malnourished children.
Honorariums :
Supervisor’s honorarium –                                     Rs. 7000.00 per month
Cook’s   honorarium –                                           Rs. 6000.00 per month
Assistant Worker’s honorarium –                           Rs. 5000.00 per month
Yoga Instructor’s honorarium –                             Rs. 7000.00 per month
Doctor’s honorarium –                                           Rs. 8000.00 per month

Particulars and Estimated Expenses:

Necessary things and utensils for feeding the malnourished children ( One-time expenses ):
  • Gas Cylinder                  – 2         @ Rs. 840/cylinder    = Rs.1680.00/month
  • Oven                                 –1 (medium)                           = Rs.1000.00
  • Handi for cooking Rice   – 1                                                   = Rs. 400.00
  • Pressure cooker               – 1 (Big)                                     = Rs. 1900.00
  • Plates                               – 60 pieces    @ Rs. 80/piece     = Rs. 4800.00
  • Glass                                – 60 pieces    @ Rs. 30/piece      = Rs. 1800.00
  • Jug                                     – 2              @ Rs. 50/piece      = Rs. 100.00
  • Aluminium Deckchi with lid  – 2 sets   @ Rs. 600/set        = Rs. 1200.00
  • Bowl                                  – 60 pieces   @ Rs. 30/piece      = Rs. 1800.00
  • Cauldron                            – 1 (Large)                                = Rs. 1100.00
  • Aliminium Bucket             – 3               @ Rs. 200/piece     = Rs. 600.00
  • Water Drum                      – 1 (120lt.)                                 = Rs. 800.00
  • Ladle                                 – 3(medium)  @ Rs. 50/Piece     = Rs. 150.00
  • Steel Spatula                     – 1 (Large)                                   = Rs. 150.00
  • Bin                                    – 2                  @ Rs. 200/piece   = Rs. 200.00
2. Estimated food stuffs per month:
Rice:          6 kg/day      = 180 kg/month   @ Rs. 24/Kg   =   Rs. 4,320.00/month

Daal :         1.5Kg/day    = 45 kg/month    @ Rs.120/Kg  =   Rs. 5,400.00/month
Potato:        9kg/day       = 270 kg/month   @ Rs.10/Kg    =   Rs. 2700.00/month
Egg:          60 pc/day   = 1800 pc/month     @ Rs. 5/pc      = Rs. 9000.00/month
Salt + Spices:                      @Rs. 20/day                         = Rs. 600.00/month
Cooking Oil: 250 ml/day   =  7.5 lt./month    @ Rs.150/lt. =Rs. 1125.00/month
Vegetables:    @ Rs. 5/child/day       Rs. 300/day                = Rs. 9000.00/month
Total Estimate for Jivan Sishu Project:
Fixed / One – Time Expenses:
Cooking Oven and Utensils:                                          Rs. 16,000.00
Recurring Expenses per month:
Supervisor’s honorarium –                                               Rs. 7000.00
Cook’s   honorarium –                                                     Rs. 6000.00
Assistant Worker’s honorarium –                                     Rs. 5000.00
Yoga Instructor’s honorarium –                                       Rs. 7000.00
Doctor’s honorarium –                                                     Rs. 8000.00
Medicines – Average Rs. 100.00/child/month                   Rs. 7000.00
Gas:                                                                                Rs.1680.00
Rice:                                                                               Rs. 4320.00
Daal:                                                                               Rs. 5400.00
Potato:                                                                            Rs. 2700.00
Egg:                                                                                Rs. 9000.00
Salt + Spices:                                                                  Rs. 600.00
Cooking Oil :                                                                  Rs. 1125.00
Vegetables :                                                                    Rs. 9000.00
Total Recurring expenses for one month:                        Rs. 73825.00

Total estimated expenses per unit of 60 children in a year:  
(One time + Recurring) = Rs.16000.00 + Rs.73825.00 x 12
= Rs.16000.00 + Rs.8,85,900.00 = Rs. 9,01,900.00
(Rupees Nine lac one thousand nine hundred only)
Total estimated expenses of 4 units of 60 or 240 malnourished children in a year:
= Rs. 9,01,900.00 x 4 = Rs. 36,07,600.00
(Rupees Thirty-six lac seven thousand six hundred only)

Our Appeal:
Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram) a Govt. Reg. Charitable Trust based in Hooghly district of West Bengal, is providing various kinds of charitable activities in education, health, environment, farming and other fields for the underprivileged people in West Bengal. We expect your co-operation and support to eradicate the darkness of malnutrition and to build a bright future for these malnourished children.  We hope for the best and are eagerly looking forward to your response.
Thanking you in advance,
Sabyasachi Maharaj
Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram)
Parul, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly, West Bengal. Contact No. - 9007783245

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