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Helping Hands Collective Fund
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Need Rs.5,00,000
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    Sandeep Prasad

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Helping Hands Collective Fund is an organisation which is established on 15 Jan 2020, where we will collect money approx. 6 lakh rupees and start the Honeydew R O(i.e a water plant), a sustainable resources. Here water will be supplied&sold to the  needful people in judicious way. We know 70% of illness are occurred due to water, so this plant will work as awareness to the people about quality/ judicious work of pure drinking water. As the plant will generate income 50% of 100% will be divided into 25% & 25% equally & 25% would send to the orphanages and old home and 25% for the development of education in remote areas and providing them stationary items. Rest 50% will be utilized in the development and maintenance of the plant , meanwhile and business will be started for generating the source of income in large scale. Finally the process will be continued for 10 years initially, contract will be extended after 10 years if anything found its recruitment.
Already the plant work has been started in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh where the land has been purchased and boring for water has been done with the help of family money and further cannot be extended currently due to financial issues.Here I am asking for your view and attention towards our 2020 society, hence I request all of you to come forward and help our team for doing the work.
Explaining/ Giving a brief ideas of the project...
1. The land is of area 300 m sq. and bore-well have been established, where the estimation cost was 7 lakh which was provided by parents,  so this property wont be included in donation money.
2. Initially 2 machine will be purchased
a) The first machine will be 1000 LRH R O Water, which help in making 20 liters of jar water, the cost of this machine will be 2 lakh rupees.
b) The second machine will be of cost 2.5 lakh rupees , which will help in making 200 ml of disposable glass r o water.
**Pouch form of water for containing 300 ml water will not be used as in some state plastic pouches are banned.
**Non-biodegradable plastics materials will not be used
**All the water used in this forms will be certified mineral water r o meeting the quality of it.
3. All the collected fund amount will be used in all transparent medium and proper usage receipt will be available.
4. Out of 6 lakhs; 4.5 lakhs will be used in machinery as stated above and left 1.5 lakhs will be used for certification, maintenance and getting commercial electrification etc. (proper receipt will be shared publicly).
5. The address where this setup is going to be established is at 25°47'31.9"N 84°26'58.6"E which can be easily accessible using google maps.
6. Now coming to the social responsibility, after the establishment and during it too, first of all employment will be generated for few people only to be fact, then pitch road connectivity will be made as per the demand to the local body which is not available currently. Lastly and mainly commercial electric supplied will be made till the project and because of it, electric supply will be extended to the village where verdict is going on.
7. The ground level water will be used in sustainable manner in the entire process judiciously, the level of water will not drain steadily and  will not became any problem for the society as it is surrounded by 3 river bodies within 8 km radius.
8. After the establishment of the factory and completion of final good it will be sold in various markets, connectivity and highly movement places. Mainly there are 7 targeted places for selling it...
a) Points at National & State Highways such as NH 31 & 1B respectively.
b) Chakia Market - Distance 1 km
c) Bairia (all zones of the market) & Bus Stop
d) Raniganj Bazaar (all zone of the market)
e) Railway Station Road @ Suraimanpur Railway Station & Market
f) Reoti Market
g) Dayachhapra Bazaar
** All the distance are easily accessible for business.
9. Now coming to supply of goods to the market place, initially the goods will be taken via good carrying vehicle in sharing basis. After sustaining of business at the location HoneyDew R O will think for the purchasing good carrying vehicle which will not cost more than 4 lakhs from the profit of the business.
10. After the selling the product in the market, HoneyDew R O will also put hand in catering services for supplying water for marriages, party etc. where again 1 litres bottles will be required more then the HoneyDew R O will again purchase a separate machine for making 1 liters mineral water, from the profit of the company.
11.From the water business earnings HoneyDew R O water will again put hand in different kinds of events for generating revenues, which will ultimately generates the employment.
12.Now let us see the distribution of profit share. Firstly let me clear that the distribution will be specifically made on profit earn after the deduction of expenses from the revenue generated during the certain period.
a) As it is already mentioned above, HoneyDew R O will divide the profit into 2 part , 1 is to run the business and second one will be divided in to part 25% (to education sector) and 25% (to old age homes and orphanages). For the educational sector, mostly the HoneyDew R O will take care of students of government schools and children in slums too where stationary materials and many other things will also be distributed. For distribution in old age homes and orphanages, HoneyDew R O will personally take care that the money that it is going to the right balance people who are needy.

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