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Farmer Cannot Afford ICU For His 4-year-old Who Has Enlarged Liver

My son holds his stomach tightly and screams out loudly in pain. At times, he goes out of breath and opens his mouth widely to gasp for air. My child who urgently needs to be in PICU is on a ventilator in the general ward of a government hospital, fighting every second for life. I don’t even have one rupee in hand, I ran to every person I can think of to help me save my son from death. With the money I collected I couldn’t even afford a complete diagnosis to my child, now all I can do is watch him suffer in pain,” - said Vikas, Rishi’s father with teary eyes.

Swollen liver puts this 4-year-old’s life at risk 

A month ago Rishi was happily playing with his sister and suddenly a tight pain in his stomach made him cry out loud. Worried, his parents rushed him to the hospital in their village. The doctor prescribed medicines but even after using them he was restlessly crying in pain. Desperate for help, they took him to a private hospital in Hyderabad where they discovered that Rishi has an enlarged liver.

We thought it was gas but our doctor explained to us clearly how his liver is damaged and it is putting him in a critical condition. My wife and I did not understand what to do but with all our savings we have admitted our child in the hospital.“ - Vikas.

Survival outside PICU is difficult for this 4-year-old 

Rishi’s condition is severe. He should be immediately admitted to the PICU for a proper treatment. He may require a surgery soon. The task on hand is to determine what is causing this issue. To make matters worse, his sister, Aaradhya is also showing similar symptoms. He needs further investigation to detect the cause, and intensive care to manage the pain.

He is in so much pain that he doesn't allow us to even touch him while he is suffering. The sight of injection makes him fear more and begs to take home. I see my wife who desperately wants to console him but all she can do is stand beside him and helplessly cry.” - Vikas.

The family could only afford to admit the child to the hospital for 2 days which was not enough for a complete diagnosis. The expenses of the tests and bills have overburdened Vikas. Left with no option, he has shifted his 4-year-old in a government hospital where Rishi is on a ventilator with no treatment.

Hoping for a sign of time 

Within 15 days my son needs to be treated but I have exhausted and left nothing. I have tried everything I could to save him. With the help of my relatives and friends, I was able to spend Rs 80,000 until now. A treatment that can save my son costs Rs 8 lakhs, money I cannot earn even if I work continuously for years. I am left with only one option, to ask for help. ” - Vikas

How You Can Help

Vikas is a farmer making only Rs. 8000 a month and is unable to afford a treatment that can save his son’s life. Rishi needs to be moved back into the ICU as soon as possible. It his only shot, and even his sister's at surviving this condition.

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Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
Ask for an update
10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Rishi's health.

Rishi has been discharged and currently at home. He is doing a lot better now. His fever has faded and the blood flow is also stable.

He is on regular medication as prescribed by the doctors. He has been given a diet chart with regards to his medication.

Rishi will have to go to the hospital for regular follow-ups. Thank you for your love and support. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

Dr Bhavani

2nd July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Rishi. Here is a quick update on Rishi's health.

He is currently in the hospital and in the PICU. He needs oxygen support and is stable. The doctors suggest that they have to conduct a few tests after which they will be able to suggest the future course of action.

Thank you for the wonderful support. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted.

Dr Bhavani
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Hope you feel better soon.

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Hope for a speedy recovery.

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