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2-Year-Old’s Rare Disease Has Damaged His Brain And Can Paralyze Him

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“The last memory I have with my son, Rajveer, before he fell sick is feeding him gulab jamun. It's his favourite sweet. He loved it so much and went to sleep smiling. Later that night I woke up to a scary sight: his eyes had rolled back and there was froth coming from his mouth and nose. My son's struggle started that night. In the next few days, doctors found out that he has a rare disease. Now after a month, the beeping sound of the machine is the only sign that tells me my son is alive. I don’t know when I will get my baby back.” Kaushalya, Rajveer’s mother.

Rajveer has been unconscious for a month now

 When I took my son to the hospital that night, doctors told us that his nerves in the brain have suffered damage and he needs urgent treatment. I couldn’t understand what was happening. All I knew was that my son couldn’t breathe properly.”
Baby Rajveer is suffering from Guillain Barre syndrome. It is a very rare autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system. Gradually, it can even cause paralysis. This is so rare that it occurs among 1 in a lakh. Rajveer has to stay in the ICU for at least a month.

Since he was born, Rajveer didn't suffer from any severe disease. He has a very happy child. Kaushalya could leave him anywhere with anyone and he wouldn’t even cry. Hunger was the only thing that would make him cry. It’s been a month that he has neither laughed nor cried. He lies in the ICU unconscious and motionless. All Kaushalya and Rajendra (Rajveer’s father) can do now is sit by him and cry.

Rajveer's father, a nurse who takes care of patients every day never imagined he would see his son in the same position

“Rajendra always wanted to become a doctor, but his family's financial situation was so bad that he had to be satisfied with a nursing degree. Every day when he came home, he would tell me how he had to console the families of patients. We could never imagine that there will be a day when we will have to console each other while our baby is dying.

The worried parents haven’t left the hospital for a month, they are desperate to take their baby home alive

Rajendra and Kasushalya haven’t been able to go back home for a month now. Both of them spend sleepless nights in the hospital waiting room. It has become their shelter.

Every time she sees the doctor, Kaushalya starts crying. Every step that she hears, she is scared that the worst news is awaiting her. The few minutes that she can step inside the ICU, she just keeps staring at her baby and cries uncontrollably. Nothing can help her be at peace.

An older picture of Rajveer with his mother, Kasushalya 

“After working multiple shifts on several days, Rajendra earns Rs 8000 a month. Within a month, we have spent more than we have ever earned. This is just beyond our means. We sold the only ancestral land that my husband owned. Even the relatives have extended all their limits and helped us. Now, there is nobody to help us. In this situation arranging another Rs 8 lakhs seem to be something impossible for us.”- Kasushalya

Little Rajveer falling ill.

How you can help

2-year-old Rajveer is suffering from a very rare disease. The disease has already damaged the nerves in his brain. Without proper ICU care, it will paralyze the whole of his nervous system and will kill him. His father has already spent everything he had. The little baby will never be able to come back to life without your support.

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