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This is a sad reality that still today even after being the third most popular pet in India, rabbits are overlooked and often suffer due to lack of infrastructure.
Ollie is one such rabbit.

Ollie is Rajannya's beloved 9 year-old senior house rabbit who suffers from advanced dental disease, a painful condition that makes chewing & eating difficult. He has decayed teeth and cannot chew his food and mostly relies on soft mashed food.
Ever since a kid Ollie suffered from gastrointestinal issues and he later developed dental issue due to poor genetics and incorrect diet. While he is on correct diet since the last couple of years his dental condition kept detoriating. Having no vets who could safely operate on him and extract all the infected teeth that was causing him immense pain, he had to wait for months and years to finally get the opportunity to be operated by Dr Shiwani Tandel of Phoenix Veterinary Specialty when she came down to Kolkata last September.

While Ollie's advanced dental disease keeps causing him several secondary issues like abscesses, drooling, constant weepy eyes, respiratory distress & infections, gut issues among others , it also greatly impacts his quality of life.
Last time he was operated under injectable anesthesia which was quite risky and Dr Tandel had initially refused to operate on him. Rajannya , Ollie's mom had no other choice but to request Dr Tandel to operate on him. While most of the infected teeth were taken out, few remained as it couldn't be operated on at that point of time. This soon started to become another source of infection leading to formation of pus.

Even though Ollie was making good recovery, the new source of infection and pus resulted in upper respiratory infection affecting his sinus as well. This is extremely distressing as it not only makes breathing difficult but also chewing, swallowing and even grooming a challenging task for the bun. Even after being on mush for several years the new source of infection wasn't allowing him to eat properly thus making him weaker by the day.
Not so long ago, he almost collapsed as he struggled to breathe & was saved by his parent who was prepared in advance. There was even a time where he'd choke as he'd try to swallow his cecotropes, he couldn't eat them all & started losing weight. While the infection is now somehow controlled, the source remains and therefore the chances of it aggressively recurring remains.

As it progresses, time is of the essence & surgery is the only cure, but at his age, it is very risky.

Currently the only available form of anasthesia is injectable, which is although cheap but carries several times higher risk of mortality than gaseous anesthesia along with a greater range of complications and puts a strain on the heart (also liver & kidneys) which could be very dangerous for a senior rabbit, even more so for a sick rabbit. Hence getting a gas anesthesia machine is critical for Ollie to get life-saving surgery. We are hopeful that with the second surgery and the extraction of the infected teeth, he will finally be out of his pain and continue to live a healthy life.

Hence we decided to buy gaseous anesthesia for Ollie and also other bunnies who are suffering form a similar kind of advanced dental disease. Gas anesthesia makes it so much safer to be operated on.

Time is running out for him and this scares all of us. Your kindness can help him get relief from this pain.
Your valuable contribution will go towards purchasing a much needed gas anesthesia machine which will help Ollie get surgery to regain his quality of life & will also help several other rabbits get safer surgeries.
Since we don't have a clinic yet, it will be installed at Dr. Pori Talukdar's clinic, Tail & Furry clinic, Garia, Kolkata, (our choice of clinic where we will continue to help more rabbits get life saving surgeries) where Dr. Shiwani Tandel, one of India's finest exotic vet will perform the crucial surgery.

Your support is key. Please donate now & help Ollie live out his golden years gracefully - free from the constant suffering that his condition brings.

Help Ollie because, they deserve better.

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