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Project Title : Covid 19 Immediate Response and Early Recovery

Today Covid 19 coronavirus have made worse impact on whole world, it has not only affected health aspects of society but also affected on many other factors such as economical, sociological factors are there. Poor, needy, handicapped and dependent people or families became more vulnerable due to this Covid 19 corona virus. Due to lockdown in country work stopped suddenly which directly affected on these peoples livelihood.  There is need to restore their lifestyle, health, education and livelihood.

Goals and Objectives:

1. To assess Covid 19 coronavirus impact on society.
2. To make immediate response through providing RELIEF to them.
3. To make early recovery through providing them RESTORATION AND CAPACITY BUILDING.
4. To work for vulnerable families sustainable development.

Statement of need:-

We are Prerana Foundation has assessed the primary impact of COVID 19 coronavirus on poor families is that poor, vulnerable, dependent families are daily wage workers if they can work daily then only they can sustain their livelihood. These families have poor economic background so they are unable to take hygiene material and keep them hygienic in the Coronavirus atmosphere.

The whole country is lock downed due to COVID 19 virus transmission. Our project area is Sangli District has also affected due to COVID 19 virus, 26 positive cases of COVID 19 patients found in Sangli district, so local government kept strict regulations to follow lockdown.  Strict regulations of lockdown have lost the jobs of many people. Such families are facing economic, health, and sociological destruction.
We need to provide them immediate response through providing them dry ration kit, hygiene kit, school kit, and temporary days of employment at their villages after completion of lockdown.

We also need to provide the restoration and capacity building by providing WASH training, we need to provide PHC’s PPE kit.

Approach and Operations:

The project will be implementing in Walwa, Shirala, Palus, and Jat block of Sangli District. Beneficiaries will be select from these blocks. Criteria for select beneficiaries is poor, dependent, people with disability, socio-economic backward people, widow women, landless laborer, daily wags worker. The project will cover 10 villages from each block. 

The following will be the main activities for relief:

Dry Ration kit – Each village have 100 beneficiaries.
Hygiene kit- same beneficiaries from each village
People protective equipment kit- medical workers of PHC
Employment- 7 days work for 100 households in each village.
WASH Training – each village of all selected blocks.


As an immediate response to COVID 19 we need to distribute it within time as mentioned below.

Dry ration kit – April 2020,
Hygiene kit – May 2020
PPE kit – April to May 2020
Employment to daily wages worker- June to August 2020,
WASH Training- September to October 2020

Evaluation and Reporting:

 Evaluation and reporting will do as per appropriate standards given by doner.

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