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Thus. is a platform for 'Critical Thinking', a channel for verifiable information, researched perspective & experienced opinion, as well as a stage for exploration of artistic expression - both local and global - all in an environment that functions democratically, thinks scientifically and expresses artistically.

We provide a stage for experts in their fields to address burning issues in a way that lay people can comprehend, process and understand. We believe that an informed citizen is an empowered citizen; an essential ingredient of a functioning democracy.

In the nearly six years of operations, we have hosted over 600 talks, presentations and performances covering the principal issues of -
  1. The Environment & Sustainability     
  2. The Law & Rights     
  3. Art & Culture 
We have hosted leading lights in the legal and policy fields to discuss Indian laws, our rights & duties as citizens, as well as the intricacies of policies at the local, state, national and international levels.

We have heard the urgently prophetic words of environmental activists  and experts in agriculture, geology, coastal management and environment laws, warning us of imminent and evident dangers to our way of life, and proposing social action to mitigate the effects around us.

We have had photographers, painters, film makers, fiction and non-fiction writers, graphic novelists, musicians, memers, block chainers, 'AI' artists and theater professionals present/ perform their art and articulate their motivations, processes and experiences.
And receive feedback directly from our audience. 

Goa being a crossroads for travel also means we have a steady stream of artists and experts from across the globe who are willing to spend a pleasant evening talking to a bunch of inquisitive minds in a relaxed environment.

Questions, dialogue, debate and discussion have been integral elements of each of these events, many of them spilling over into follow up community and social actions at the state, and at times, national level. Thus. has been a platform for the articulation of citizens' issues and has also actively encouraged the interaction of Government functionaries with citizens - hosting the Chief Conservator of forests, Goa and the IGP of Goa for informal discussions.

We have the pleasure of collaborating with several institutes of repute; sharing speakers, events, venues, and audiences in a spirit of collaborative federalism. TIFA Working Studios (Pune), India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), The Goa Foundation, Goa Chitra, Swechha India, Alliance Francaise, Serendipity Arts Festival, ‘The Story of’ Festival series, The World Mouth Harp Festival, to name a few. 

We collaborate with establishments like the Reis Magos Fort, Gallery Gitanjali, Dogears Bookstore, Oddjoint Productions, Carpe Diem, and Sadhna Del Art to program talks, screenings, performances, and events across the state of Goa.

Almost all these events have been ticket-free and open to all who have walked in. That is how we would like to keep it, even as we have been compelled to move operations online since the Pandemic began. This move has triggered new challenges as well as opportunities - having found ourselves conducting events where the speakers, as well as the audiences, could be located anywhere in the country (or the world, for that matter), ‘live’ at the scheduled time. We now also have the option of watching the video of the event anytime after, on our Youtube channel archive.

We have kept our operational costs low over the last six years, with volunteer personnel, donations from generous individuals, and modest food & beverage sales at events keeping us chugging along.
However, monthly operational costs of hosting online events - the time, effort, and infrastructure required for programming, co-ordinating, preparing, and producing four events a month (with post-production for archiving) are not being met by the limited contributions from attendees.

To make a space for ourselves and make these crucial talks and presentations available and desirable to the larger and wider audience that we find ourselves catering to, it is imperative that we professionalize our production and distribution channels, as well as tweak our archival material (video/audio/text) to be easier to find, view and ultimately learn from.

This Fundraiser is to secure our monthly operations costs, so that we can keep our programming consistently independent, progressive, sharp and relevant. We will be separately raising funds to upgrade our video production, archives and distribution channels, in order to expand our reach. 

Our goal is to popularize the practice of Critical thinking, Democratic Discussion and Debate - especially in a time when these qualities are urgently needed in public discourse.

Our Monthly Operations Costs -
INR 12,500/- per program x 4 programs
Per month = INR 50,000/-
Per year = INR 6,00,000/-

We urge you to assist us in this endeavor to nurture a more informed, humane, sustainable, and progressive society. Thank you.

All Donors’ names will be displayed on the Donors List on our website (, unless otherwise specified, and all donors above INR 5,000/- will gain automatic annual memberships (with the rights and benefits of Donor Members) when our subscription model becomes operational.

Listen. Analyse. Be Polite.
Team Thus.

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