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Tribal Settlement Solar Light Installation
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Solar Powered Home Lighting System at Nomadic Tribal Settlement
Kattu Naicker Kudiyiruppu - JJ Nagar, Thirupparamkundram, Madurai

Introduction: Urbanization and changing human lifestyle had made severe impact on Nomadic tribe, rather moving for their livelihood they are settling in city outskirts. In Madurai a Nomadic Tribal Community called Kattu Nayakar settled at Thirupparamkundram. They earn through approaching households by telling fortunes (Kuri Telling) and Labour works. Some involve in hunting and collecting herbals. There are around 52 families of which 34 are residing in a Hut/Poorly build home without Electricity Power Supply. The project is to support this tribal community to fix Solar Powered Lighting system.
History of Tribal Settlement:
 Thirupparamkundram Murugan Temple Known for Arupadai veedu’s first home for Lord Murugan is 10 KM away from Madurai City. A 50 years before the tribal Kattu nayakar settled under the Mountain were land owned by the Temple. Later they were cleared from the settlement as Encroachment and government temporarily allotted a new land at JJ Nagar, Nilaiyur Road, Thirupparamkundram. It’s a low elevation rocky mountain which is owned by Indian Railways. Due to Indian Railways Property the Temporarily settled residence has No Electricity, No Water or No basic needs which received by Common citizen of India.
 Infrastructure and Development:
 Their hut has been build from the used materials collected from the nearby residential, from who renovate their house buildings. When the renovation process carried out by the residents from roofing tile to concrete centering roof, the old redsand monier roof tile are sold out for nominal cost. These Kattu nayakar tribe buy the used roof tile for constructing their hut. There is no special invite for qualified engineers, planners or labours are invited to build an Kattu nayakar house. The family members are involved in building their own house with perfect stability. (If resident is Single their house will be constructed by own or seek help with their own community neighbor). Their earlier Nomadic life style and Current pressure in building of temporary residing place (House) to Settle/immigrate at one locality and building their house in unassured place where they choose in building of Temporary house. Even we could see many huts build with coconut or palm leaf/wood weaved materials, Tarpaulin sheets etc.
 Here a great shutdown for electricity. In Kattu nayakar resident not a single house has electricity supply. The natural lights (Moon), heats (Sun) and Breeze (Winds) are their only experience.
 Problem Statement:
 Electricity has become a very much important to carryout daily human activities. Shutdown of Electricity directly or indirectly affects the community.
  • Children and Students pursuing Schools and colleges of this Tribal community are around 80. Study after school in the Dark late evening is difficult to these students. These tribal children study in the common school and competiting in general is more challenging.
  • Pregnant women, Pediatric Mother and child are in danger with venomous reptiles and poisonous Insects.
  • Sleeping outside the house on ground also lead to Snake and Scorpion bites. Many have lifetime ailments on their organs become physically challenged.
  • Dark nights have problems in attending affected at emergency time.
 Impact on the Community:
 The following are the Impact listed
  • Students discontinuing their Schooling is in higher rate
  • College Students face difficulty in competiting for their Carrier.
  • Child, Pregnant and Maternal Women are in high life risk possible of dangerous reptiles and insects attack.

 Project Description:
 On ground level assessment, the primary need is Light for the community. Lights safe guard them from external danger, next generations education is ensured, Old Age, Women and Children will live in comfort environment.
 In this tribal settlement, there were 34 households without power supply. Initially we plan to fix Solar Power battery efficiency with Lights and Charger.
 The product is purchased from SELCO, an innovative energy efficient company offers Solar product with best price and SELCO contribution on price.
 Funding Summary
 34 DC Home lighting system cost          Rs.3,06,000/.
 SELCO Contribution (Rs.3000 x34)       Rs.1,02,000/.
 Balance required Contribution            Rs.2,04,000/.
  The total fund required for this project is Two Lakhs Four Thousand Rupees Only.

 About - Wish To Help Charitable Trust:
 This project is proposed by Wish To Help Charitable Trust in welfare of Tribal Community under Human Welfare Activity. An trust established in 2016 registered under Tamilnadu Public Trust Act, eligibility for 80G and 12AA and CSR registered trust. Its initiative are Thirunagar Pakkam – An voluntary Team, Urvanam- To Conserve Nature, Wildlife and Animals, Neervanam – To save Water bodies and Adaikkalam Old age home for Destitute Aged. In this tribal settlement our trust has been organizing activities for past 2 years on Welfare, Education and Awareness.


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