To solve important problems for your children, I need your support. | Milaap
To solve important problems for your children, I need your support.
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I am essentially creating technology & education products, that won't get VC funded for I am often told, they  are too high on idealism and altruism.

Over the last 12 years, I am building Preseed keeping in mind the main problem of capitalism - it makes one take short cuts for the sake of profits or monetization of one's life through a product or service. Fair enough. To each their own.

By short-cuts I mean, crafting makeshift solutions that are incremental in the name of problem-solving. For solving problems fundamentally takes long periods of time made of many sacrifices. Including that of losing friends, family, education degrees, jobs and even the roof above.

My website, Preseed, will tell you how deeply and sincerely I want to fix India as I proceed to offer the world a social network of action in the world of social networks of talks, from India. Everything about me can be known from that website if you look at it keenly. I highly recommend you to check it out before you decide to support me, or not.

You can read my story from the above mentioned website if you don't know me personally. If you know me personally, you may consider helping me for you may have seen my journey made of courage, altruism, and innovation.

My answer to everyone who has asked me over the last 5 years about, when will I make money, was - whenever my patron, friends and extended family will think I am doing something right for them, their children and humanity at large, that no one else will, for most others are too busy chasing instant rewards. The rewards I have waited for, for 10 years.

Please go through my website, read my essays listed there and use the technical prototypes I have built.

If you like what I am doing for all of us, my imagination about making money from my altruistic works may come true now, finally. I imagined that one day when all my resources of personal loans and personal savings are exhausted I will come here to tell each one of you to support me to help me in completing mountain-sized challenges I have imposed upon myself for the sake of humanity at large. Your support will help me in :
  1. continuing to build my educational products further. 
  2. clearing my personal loans. 
  3. paying compensations to my work collaborators.
The investors come with a tendency of accumulation of wealth rather than any real intent of solving any real problem, for then they give that problem time . It is for this reason, Preseed will not raise money from investors it is not inspired by or investors who don’t give sweat to our dreamy cause as much as money. Preseed is a culture based on faith in the power of one another, not the money of an outsider. If we can scale Preseed into a billion-dollar company without raising millions of dollars by soulless investors, we would have a large felt impact, that which would go beyond the startups Preseed would create. I am willing to stay odd, to see this coming true, however difficult it be.

The only way for me to make up for all costs I have personally incurred over the last 10 years of my journey is by collecting on an average Rs. 10000 from 500 people over the next 1 year. If some of you can forego one 5 start night out at a club or one event of shopping to spend that kind of money on me, I can survive well enough to build my company forward. The company I am building is by no means an easy feat to achieve the goals of. It is the kind of company, if successful, will make India immensely proud. I will still need to raise millions of dollars to market my products by 2022, but for that, I will have to complete the products to the liking of millions of future users. Your support will help me accomplish exactly that.

I am essentially creating technology & education products, that won't get VC funded for I am often told, they are too high on idealism and altruism. By being a broke founder I won't go too far from where I started. I started from here - in 2012.

Watch these videos on Youtube so you can read the description listed below each.
Read the updates I have listed in the updates section of this campaign to understand my frustration partially expressed in this video.
This video was continued the same day at our office into this dialogue with my sister:
I hope you read the description of all three videos.

Note -: I don't expect to make any money for myself for many more years for my work is such. Your support is all I look forward to as far as money for my work is concerned.

One of the things to be changed in the world is governance methodologies that often include politics of religion/communalism, boundaries and morality, packaged as nationalism and ‘aastha’ to do whatever immorality they will for they are elected for 5 years without question. That needs to change by inducing new rules of, direct democracy.

This can happen when people start to understand that there is real altruism in solving such problems. Until now, no one has attempted to build softwares to tackle these problems. I am trying.

Before I started this campaign, a friend had sent this to me:

“Don’t be ashamed to need help. Like a soldier storming a wall, you have a mission to accomplish. And if you’ve been wounded and you need a comrade to pull you up? So what?” — Marcus Aurelius

Asking for help takes strength. Being honest with yourself and others, to know when you are in over your head. It takes a certain amount of humility to admit this, but it is also an act of strength — Aurelius, as strong as he was as Rome’s emperor, understood this very well, and so do I.

This video by Vinod Khosla will tell you why I want to not engage with an investor till I find the kind described here.

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