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Help A Doctor Recover So That He Can Help Others In The Society
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My father, a doctor, is currently in a critical condition. We are in a desperate need to raise funds for his further treatment. Do refer to the 'Updates' section of the fundraiser (at the bottom of this section) in order to get the current status of my father's treatment. Updates are also available on the Facebook page:

We often equate doctors to the almighty, for they provide us with the second life. My father, being a doctor, has successfully cured many of his patients in the past through his dedicated practice.
In July, my father was diagnosed with an acute prostatomegaly (prostate enlargement), along with a large right-sided inguinoscrotal hernia. He reported severe stomach and body ache, followed by decreased urination and bowel dysfunction. At the same time, he was already suffering from pneumonia, chronic asthma, and bronchitis. He was admitted to BL Kapur Super Speciality Hospital, Rajendra Place, New Delhi for the treatment. It was also observed that the expansion of the hernia had damaged his intestine and caused a large hole. Doctors did a successful surgery, although post-surgical complications became life-threatening with each passing day, his life was saved thanks to the entire hospital management at BLK Hospital. We were discharged from BLK in the second week of August, only to land up at Lotus Hospital (nearby our home) due to his low blood saturation levels. We spent another couple of weeks over there before we arrived at our home after an agonizing period of 40 days in multiple hospitals. At home, his pCO2 levels flared up to almost three times and he lost consciousness. He was again rushed to BLK Hospital on 3rd September, as his blood saturation levels fell alarmingly to about 55. He was immediately admitted to the ICU with ventilator support. He has been tested COVID negative 4 times now. Doctors conducted a tracheostomy last week, where a tube was inserted from the outside to the windpipe via an incision. While being in ICU on ventilator support, he remained extremely critical for around three weeks in September. At present, he is on continuous oxygen support.
The comprehensive cost of more than 50 days of hospitalisation along with the medication and other equipment purchased at home, to date, has gone beyond ₹ 25 Lakh. As he is still undergoing his treatment and will probably take at least six months to recover, hence the amount would continue to be estimated further. Unfortunately, we have already exhausted our medical claim from the office worth ₹ 3.50 Lakh and almost other savings as well. As we are already burdened with a few loans, it won’t be possible to borrow again from the bank. The amount is huge and turning beyond our means. Therefore, we request you to kindly contribute towards the treatment and help us give my father a new lease of life. Your every financial contribution is important and we would be extremely thankful for the same.
We will definitely keep you updated on his progress. Do keep him in your precious prayers and thoughts. Please be generous while raising funds for the above mentioned medical cause and help us raise this amount by clicking on the donate button and sharing this page with your friends and family.
P.S. I have attached a few of the previous hospital bills, along with his old discharge summary. The medical claim from the office was worth ₹ 3.50 Lakh and was used up two months back.  
All the reports of various scans and tests done at BLK Super Speciality Hospital would be provided after my father gets discharged. In case of any further clarification related to his medical ailment, treatment, and other associated costs, please feel free to reach out.

UPDATES (latest on top)

12 days ago: **We are keeping our fingers crossed...**
Thank you so much for your messages in the last few weeks checking about my father's and my health. My father is physically improving with a slight increase in body weight. His body tests are due but we are waiting for the situation outside to calm down a's still very risky outside in Delhi and hospitals aren't yet empty.

Clinically, he still is similar to what he was in Sep 2020 with a colostomy bag attached to his stomach and a tracheostomy tube in his windpipe. Colostomy implant removal will require a surgery once his protein levels are better and situation outside is calmer. However, tracheostomy tube removal seems very tough at the moment as it has been there for more than 8 months now and he is dependent on it for his regular breathing. Weaning him off and asking him to breathe via his nose/mouth will take a lot of his own effort, patience and time! The nursing staff at home is taking good care of his tracheostomy tube and its daily upkeep, though. The tube was recently replaced at home by the nursing staff under clinically-controlled circumstances and with an oxygen concentrator on standby in case any breathing issues developed while the tube was being replaced.

I am doing fine...thankfully, the COVID symptoms are no longer there. There was a sinus scare recently but that was done away with by regular steam and rest.

Please do keep supporting us so that we plan and save for his current treatment and future surgeries. As of now, the monthly expenses are more than double my salary so we are really dependent upon your support and contribution via this Fundraiser.

I will keep my fingers crossed...
1 month ago: **Pray for us and for the families currently in distress**
As Delhi passes through a catastrophic phase of COVID infections and deaths, we keep our fingers crossed. I am trying my best to keep my father away from any virus-related infections considering his current health and high susceptibility to cold-related infections.

A few weeks ago, even I developed COVID-like symptoms and isolated myself to my room. Due to the labs in our vicinity running full with tests and pending reports, they were not willing to come for home collection of samples so I couldn't get myself tested. Thanks to homoeopathic medicines, good diet and rest, I am much better now.

Please keep us and those who are struggling to get their dear ones some air or a bed in the hospital in your prayers as we fight through times never imagined before.

Kindly share and contribute to our fundraiser also so that we can keep up to the daily expenses surrounding my father's upkeep.
2 months ago: **GENERAL UPDATE**
After about 15 days of my father's discharge from the hospital with tracheostomy tube re-inserted, we went for some routine tests - CBC, KFT and LFT - so that we can get an idea of where his general parameters stand at. His Total Protein levels have increased to 6.3 from 5.5 tested last at the hospital. Hemoglobin also increased from about 10 in the hospital to 12.4. He continues to be under critical nursing care because of his tracheostomy tube.
Keeping in mind the worsening COVID situation in Delhi, we have purchased a couple of oxygen cylinders and an oxygen concentrator so that we are covered in case any emergency occurs (as hospital beds too are running out fast here). The above expenditure is of almost about Rs 40,000 (Concentrator: 36,000, cylinders: 3600, lab test: 1700) [Bills available upon request].
We look forward to your support, both morally and financially, as we Delhites enter a period of extreme uncertainty and grim circumstances. All treatment-related updates of my father are also posted on our Facebook page: 
2 months ago: Unfortunate and depressing turnaround of events!
An unfortunate turnaround of events beginning last Sunday has brought my father's health to what was several months ago. As you know, his tracheostomy tube was removed earlier this month and he regained the ability to speak after 6 months. But around 18th March, he started having breathing issues and required minor external oxygen support. His condition worsened last Sunday as his saturation levels started dipping and he became unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital and was straightaway admitted to the ICU and put on ventilator support as he was diagnosed with CO2 Narcosis (excess CO2 in the blood).
Doctors, in order to wean him off the ventilator support, re-inserted the tracheostomy tube in his windpipe by re-opening the same spot. He was discharged from the hospital on 27th March with a 'central line' and on oxygen support of 3 litres. Since he has been unable to flush out CO2 effectively, doctors have hinted that the tracheostomy tube might have to remain for a much longer period of time now. Entire admission bill touched almost Rs 5 lakhs including the ambulance charges. Additionally, we have to keep a nurse at home for 24 hrs/day which will cost Rs 6,000/day for an indefinite period of time. All these expenses have pushed us further back to the wall (total expenses till date since July 2020 have touched Rs 90 lakhs approx.) and we require your support for a much longer period of time now.

Please share and donate to our Fundraiser and help us out of this never-ending cycle of suffering and increasing costs since July 2020. Follow all updates including the bills and discharge papers on the Facebook page at:

We are thankful to your support thus far...  

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