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Trisha and Vansh don't have hands. Help them to get prostheses!
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You must have come across folks who are living without hands in your line of work, in your city, town, or hamlet. How many of them have prosthetic limbs? No one, most likely. People without hands, or even dummy-looking hands, in India have a major challenge: they cannot purchase functional prosthetic hands. There are a few causes for this. Prostheses or artificial hands are the most frequent and costliest. The second issue is that most people are unaware that such a device exists.


People are frightened by the high cost of sophisticated features and quality prostheses; few can afford to pay or buy such a large sum of money. We made the decision to change this reality, and the only way to do so was to lower the price. However, not on the basis of usefulness and quality, but rather on the basis of middlemen. Due to the involvement of all middlemen engaged in the process, the ultimate product becomes 146 percent more expensive than the cost price until it reaches the consumer, according to our research in the prosthesis business.

We collaborate directly with prosthetic hand developers, engineers, and designers of cyber gadgets. Because each instance is distinct, it aids in the creation of a personalized design that takes into consideration the trauma's peculiarities.

All of these traits combined enable us to supply prosthetic hands directly to the person in need, bypassing all of the bothers of using a doorstep service or going to the local clinic.


People utilize prosthetic hands for a variety of functions on a regular basis. It is critical that the devices be dependable, comfy, and of good quality. That is why we import the finest components from around the world and purchase them directly from the manufacturers. They are assembled by highly skilled engineering staff in accordance with international certification and quality control standards. Training, fitting, rehabilitation, and support are all provided by the industry's most skilled practitioners.

Quality and practicality are paramount, but we also value aesthetics, which brings us to design. The attractive exterior is also an advantage in today's environment. We let our future cyborgs choose the appearance of their devices. Is he or she looking for all black? No worries! With his new hand, a boy wants to see a superhero! Sure!

We created a prosthetic hand that is more than simply medical equipment; it is also a chance to demonstrate a person's originality and distinctiveness. It's yet another technique to gain confidence and stop provoking compassion but rather astonishment!


Did you know that fitting children with a functional prosthesis is uncommon? This is a bad practice because it leads to health issues. A lack of required weight on the back, for example, can result in a curvature of the spine. It also has a negative impact on self-evaluation and self-confidence.

We are India's first company that works with children as young as three years old. We work with youngsters with great care. We teach parents how to urge their children to use a new hand every day, how to train, and what to do when motivation is an issue after the prosthetic cyber arm is placed and the rehabilitation program is completed. Actually, once they have cyber hands, our adult users do not remain alone. We are always available and willing to help.


Six years ago, I founded the Cyborg Future firm. I held 1000+ consultations and prescriptions with a prosthetic degree from a medical university and participated in over 760 prosthetic hand installations. Skolkovo, one of the most sophisticated institutions of technological study, has its headquarters in Moscow.

I'm one of the few people in India who specializes in pediatric prosthetics and has advanced certification, and I want to use it for good.

One of my aims is to change the mindset of people, show them that is not boring or scary to come to a clinic, and make the first step to a new future — with a cyborg hand.

Our organization has been in operation for almost 6 years, and we know that our services are making a significant difference in people's lives. And now you may be a part of it, helping to shape a new future – the Cyborg Future. Let's begin with the lives of two young people with tremendous hopes!


Vansh attends Faridabad's St. Colombo School and enjoys football. In 2018, an electric shock caused him to lose one of his hands. The hand had to be amputated due to the severity of the trauma.

"I'm not happy with my impairment." — Tells the lad, "I don't get out much and don't like to mix much socially because I feel like I'm lacking somewhere." – I suppose I would feel a lot more secure about myself if I started utilizing a Cyborg's hand."

He aspires to be a National Footballer and coach football in the future. Vansh was asked why he wants a cyborg hand. "I want to do the tasks that I can't do currently, including closing bag chains, using a mouse, holding a water bottle, wearing socks, and so on," he replied.


Her ambition is to become the family's first doctor — pedeatrician. She wants a cyborg hand because it will be a great help for her on the way to her dream. When she grows up she wants to go to Europe to study and see the real snow.

Imagine this: this girl might become India's first cyborg doctor with your help!


We wish to assist children in receiving their first bionic hands so that they can take the initial steps toward realizing their ambitions. The funds raised will be used for the following:

  • We'll make individual prosthetic arms for each child (this includes both prosthetic arm production and specialist work)
  • Provide tickets and lodging for the children and their parents
  • In the recovery procedure, we'll teach the kids how to use their super arms.

Join us, give, tell a friend about our vision, and let's take a giant leap into the future of technology!

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