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Stand by the Musicians of North Bengal.
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Introduction to Chord Connection:

“Chord Connection” is an initiative of to promote talented musicians and singers of Northern Belt of Bengal.  Bengal has always been known for its rich culture. There are lot of talented musicians in Bengal who are not able to grow mainly because of lack of opportunities and resources. 

“Chord Connection” is an initiative of which aims to provide these budding artists a platform to showcase their talent.

Team is a production house based at Kolkata and was founded by Arunava Khasnobis and Premasis Mukherjee.

Arunava Khasnobis is a filmmaker who is born and raised in Siliguri. He left his corporate career to pursue his passion in filmmaking. His film “Bisorgo”, created in the year 2018, has been critically acclaimed at various National and International Film Festivals. His Maiden web series “Sin”, released in the year May 2020, has been the most successful and most watched series for the OTT platform “Addatimes”.  He has always been vocal about giving opportunity to new and upcoming talents and has been true to his word in every project undertaken by him.

Premasis Mukherjee is a development finance professional with experience of working with Banks and Multilateral institutions across Asia and Africa. He is a business innovation specialist and has designed innovation strategies for major banks and other institutions in his career spanning more than 13 years. He is dedicated to bring fundamental changes in the way entertainment industry works in Bengal.

Projects of

  • “Eta Kolkata Dada (A Psychedelic Trance Music video highlighting the city of joy Kolkata.)
  • “Headquarter”, (A unique series of 3 episodes where people who are termed as retarded by the society have been interviewed. The aim of the show was to change the perception of the society towards people who simply have different ideologies and beliefs in life.
  • “Bisorgo”, (an independent feature film from the dark comedy and satire genre; The film has won several accolades and has been selected in more than 5 major international film festivals.
  • “Sin”, (a crime thriller series dealing with the world of carnal desires of a young couple, and their adventurous journey across the world of narcotics, homicide and criminal conspiracies.)
  • “Khamaknama”, (A journey to find out the various folk forms of North Bengal many of which are on the verge of extinction.)
  • Chord Connection” Work -in-Progress (A musical project to promote the local musicians and singers of North Bengal)
Chord connection - The Journey:

“Chord Connection” is the brainchild of Arunava Khasnobis, Premasis Mukherjee and Dolphin.

Arunava and Premasis have both been born and raised in North Bengal and now settled in Kolkata. Since their roots are from North Bengal, they’ve always wanted to promote the local talents from this region. Every project undertaken by has used and promoted the artists from North Bengal.

“Chord Connection” is the first musical journey of and the idea was in our minds since May 2019. We then pitched this idea to Puppun who is a music director and also belongs from Siliguri. He was very excited and on board immediately. Thus, began the process of hunting for musicians and singers. 

The first challenge for us was finding the musicians. Since they are neither renowned, nor have any PR we have tracked the music schools and classical and western concert circuits to create the database.  The process of finding the musicians took more than 8 months. By January 2020, we were ready with an enviable ensemble of singers and instrumentalists.

Then began the process of song production. We wanted to bring out the best from every artist according to the genre they are most adept in. We decided to create a mixed bag of music comprising of all genres including rock, rap, Indian classical and many more. While the process continued, every member of the team became more and more involved in the project as they saw it as a first-time opportunity to showcase their true talent.

We divided the project into two parts - one part comprising of cover songs and one part comprising of originals. Initially we plan to launch the covers so that we can reach out to most of the people before launching the originals. We have already recorded around 12 tracks. And the journey continues.

Chord Connection – The team: 

Lead by Arunava Khasnobis , Premasis Mukherjee and Dolphin.

Music Director - Puppun : Puppun is a music director and composer with experience of more than 20 years. He belongs to Siliguri – North Bengal. He has also worked as the music director for the web series “Sin”. He too has always believed in working with new and upcoming singers and musicians.

Singers: Sudeshna Dutta, Abhimaan Roy, Yani Barik, Snehashish Trishniyo, Puppun, Sid, Arunava Khasnobis.

Musicians: Ankur Bhattacharjee (Drums), Raju (Bass Guitar) , Puppun (Keyboard and guitar) , Arunava Khasnobis (Cajon), Debjit (Flute)

The Product:

The major costs involved in creating any music can be broken down as follows:
  • The cost of Song Production (Artists remuneration, Studio booking, etc)
  • The cost of shooting the music video featuring the singers and musicians
  • The cost of promotion and marketing
  • Other logistical expenses (Food, Electricity, Travel, Etc)
On an average it takes minimum 100,000 to complete just one single track.

The obstacle:

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the entire nation suffered as a result of the lockdown. is no exception. We had to suffer huge losses as many of our projects were postponed indefinitely. However, we had to keep up the promise we made to these musicians and we continued with the project. Not to mention, these artists also have suffered an incomparable road-block in their journey since live concerts and production works have stopped altogether. The motivation to remain attached to music is slowly getting drained with every passing day of opportunity loss.

As said earlier we have already recorded 12 tracks but we are now stuck in this journey and need your support to complete the Project. We are sure that if you listen to sample of our production, you would also believe and agree that these productions need to see the light of the day. And to achieve the goal, we need to shoot the videos for these tracks and do a proper promotion and PR. Since we are nearing exhaustion of Project fund due to uncertainties and the calamity, request you to help these artists in their journey towards the first major breakthrough in their career. Without your support it would not be possible to complete the project and give these talents the place they truly deserve.

A teaser of the work completed have been furnished. If you feel that these musicians are doing a great job and that they truly deserve to be showcased, then please support our campaign so that we can make their talent live and prosper.

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