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Medical And Regular Care For Street Dogs!
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    Medical and routine care for street dogs

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Hello fellow dog lovers,

This fundraiser has been created with a hope to bridge the gap between people who care for the well-being of dogs and those who actively care for them on a daily basis and require support.

While we all share our communities and neighborhoods with these lovely, loyal beings, the truth is, their suffering is invisible to most people. This is why the task of looking after them is something individual rescuers and shelters take on themselves, because they cannot bear to see an animal languishing in pain.

Looking after street dogs is no small endeavor. Besides the more obvious needs such as food and water, each dog requires medical interventions throughout their lives, just like us humans do. Additionally, all puppies and dogs require vaccines and yearly boosters to keep them healthy and free from preventable diseases. While the vaccines themselves are not cheap, the cost of treating the diseases is far more cost-intensive and sometimes even heartbreaking. Furthermore, all dogs are deserving of the same love and medical care, which is why rescuers leave no stone unturned in getting them the best possible care possible with the support of some very kind veterinarians.

Every single day, dogs are hit by speeding vehicles or subject to inhuman acts. Sometimes the result is a gash or a fracture, but sometimes it is as severe as paralysis. Fortunately, many of these dogs can go onto make good recoveries thanks to advanced treatments, medicines, and therapies, but this all comes at a steep cost. Some dogs with chronic conditions may require specialized diets, medicines, and treatments for the entirety of their lives, which although expensive, are much less invasive and more cost-effective than treating repeated episodes of illness. There are endless instances where the costs of looking after an animal can escalate far more than anticipated, which makes it very difficult when one is looking after a large number of dogs.

Food costs, vaccinations, sterilizations, emergencies and diseases cumulatively become monetarily straining for the caretakers and this is why our donors' support is absolutely critical! Moreover, lockdown after lockdown has resulted in additional roadblocks including lesser number of willing caretakers and even more suffering dogs on the streets.

The money raised by means of this fundraiser will be allocated to credible organizations and caretakers, who have been working towards this cause for a few years now such as Paws For A Minute, Earthlings Trust, and Furry Tales 2019- details about their work are available on Instagram and Facebook. The aim is to raise some funds for the existing dogs under their care, as well as for others they will have to rehabilitate in the future.

We know that keeping dogs healthy, inoculated, and well-fed, also mitigates human-dog conflict and keeps our communities safe, happy and healthy. More than anything, it teaches us empathy and we could definitely do with more of that in this world!

We hope you will contribute generously to help out. Thank you!

Wishing you an abundance of paws, furry hugs and face licks :)

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